Streetlight Tagpuro by Eriksson Furunes Architecture, Leandro V. Locsin Partners & Boase

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Eriksson Furunes Architects, Leandro V. Locsin Partners & Boase
Lead architects
Alexander Eriksson Furunes & Sudarshan V. Khadka
Engineer Ingeniero.- Jago Boase
Miko Verzon, Aldo Mayoralgo, Pierre Go, Sai Cunanan, JP Dela Cruz, Kurt Yu, Jiddu Bulatao, Otep Arcilla, Mark Docdocos, BJ Adriano, Gela Santos, Matt Varona & Pebbles Miranda, Zoe Watson, Laura Lim Sam, Christian Moe Halsted, Rebecka Casselbrant and Lise Berg
“Streetlight Tagpuro” won the Civic and Community Category and the Small Project of The Year Award at the World Architecture Festival 2017.
Streetlight Inc
Completed.- 2016
Tagpuro, Tacloban City, Philippines

Alexander Eriksson Furunes

Alexander Eriksson Furunes studied at the Architectural Association before receiving his masters in architecture at NTNU, Norway. As co-founder of the design collective WORKSHOP architecture he has worked with communities in India, Philippines, UK and China. More recently Alexander’s studio erikssonfurunes completed project Tagpuro, Philippines (2013-16), following the destruction of project Tacloban (2010) by super typhoon Haiyan (nov 2013). Alexander is currently doing a research on participative planning, design and build processes as a fellow at the The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (PKU)(2016-19). His work is a critical reflection on previous projects as well as an exploration of collaborative placemaking through new projects in both Asia and Europe.

Sudarshan V. Khadka Jr.

Sudarshan V. Khadka Jr. is the principal of i.incite, architects. Formerly, he was an associate at Leandro V. Locsin Partners (LVLP) where he was in-charge-of multiple projects. He is a member of the curatorial team of the Philippine Pavilion, “Muhon: Traces of an Adolescent City” at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. He is driven by the critical search for a modern vernacular and the exploration of the tectonic potential of construction.
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