Succession of spaces. House in El Cabanyal by Enguídanos Marzo Arquitectos

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Enguídanos Marzo Arquitectos. Lead architects.- Juan Enguídanos, Noelia Marzo.
Detalle Constructivo.
40 sqm.
Construction completion year.- 2022.
El Cabanyal, Valencia, Spain.
Plasterboard panels.- Knauf.
Interior carpentry.- Cocinas Llorens.
Exterior carpentry.- Grupo Sopena.
Microcement.- Topciment.
Porcelain.- Cerpa Cerámica.
Painting.- Montó.
LED linear lighting.- Ilutrek.
Taps.- Sanycces.

Noelia Marzo, Juan Enguídanos. Enguídanos Marzo Arquitectos

Enguídanos Marzo Arquitectos is a Spanish architecture studio based in the city of Valencia, where it also carries out most of its professional activity. The founders of the studio are the architects Noelia Marzo (1992) and Juan Enguídanos (1992), who trained at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Valencia, where they began to acquire a deep commitment to the profession that was later complemented by their professional experiences collaborating with other architects, mainly during a long period in which they worked in Porto (Portugal), as well as through their training in the field of teaching.

This background is highly reflected in his work, which is nourished by the references and influences assimilated during his different stages, and in which great importance is given to the creative process, centered on a clear project concept from which a goal is pursued. result characterized by the purity and simplicity of its forms, respect for pre-existing architectures, and the balance between the project idea, functionality, and aesthetics. Objective that they try to achieve through attention to detail, meticulousness in the definition of projects, and rigor in monitoring the works.



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