Sustainable modular cabins. Hytte Cabins by Aylott & Van Tromp and Koto Design

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Project team
Architecture.- Koto Design. Interior Design & Brand.- Aylott + Van Tromp.
24 sqm.
Cabin content.- king bed, seating area, stove, kitchen, W/C and shower.

Nathan Aylott, James Van Tromp. Aylott and Van Tromp

The experience of Aylott + Van Tromp’s founders is unique with both Nathan Aylott and James Van Tromp background originating in the commercial sector, focusing in brand activation, retail, fashion, product launches, customer engagement and even automotive design.

In 2013 the studio was formed to harness this diverse skill-set and create a multi-discipline offering for the rapidly evolving and changing world of leisure and hospitality design. Bringing something new to what was a traditional and fairly small marketplace.

They have always seen buildings and hotels in particular, as perfectly packaged brand spaces. An extension of our lives - you stay in them, you eat in them, you exercise in them, you relax in them. They need to tend to your every whim, whilst always striving to exceed expectation or provide an appropriate emotion.

Being firm believers in the need for clients to ‘connect with an audience’ and ‘be relevant’; The new Hytte brand has been a natural extension of their ideals and opened up the opportunity to create something softer focused and a step away from the mainstream brands they predominantly work for.

Zoe Little, Johnathon Little, Theo Dales. Koto Design

Koto Design is studio based in UK co-founded by Zoe Little, Johnathon Little and Theo Dales. They are dedicated to designing modular houses, cabins and sculptural small buildings, inspirated in Scandinavian design and culture.

Koto began looking further east to the minimalist world of Japanese design and their focus on social functionality. They share their emphasis on clean and simple details that provide a sense of calm.



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