Technology, culture and landscape. Magnifica Fabbrica by FRPO, WALK, SD Partners

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SD Partners, FRPO Rodriguez y Oriol Arquitectos SLP., WALK Architecture & Landscape. Architects.- Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodríguez, Juan Tur Mc Glone, Massimo Giuliani, Alessandro Viganò, Beatrice Meroni.
Design team
SD Partners.- Enrico Moncada, Carmen Iannone, Irene Degli Occhi.
FRPO Rodriguez y Oriol Arquitectos SLP.- Adrián Sánchez Castellano, María Díaz Martín, Carlos Crespo Díaz-Meco, Pablo González-Besada Allue.
WALK Architecture & Landscape.- Carlos Javier Villar Villalobos, Madhura Hardas, Adriano Barrero Chirino.
Studio Gibelli, Ing. Luca Stefanutti, Agroservice, TRM, Mecanismo Ingenieria.
Municipality of Milan with the Fondazione Teatro alla Scala.
Project area.- 168.310 sqm. Building.- 66.450 sqm. Park.– 97.800 sqm.
May 2022.
Parco della Lambretta, Milan, Italy.

Sistema Duemila SD Partners

SD Partners was set up in 1984 under the name Sistema Duemila and started operating both in the field of structural engineering and in the field of technology.

In the 2000s, several young architects joined the company and, since then, architecture and urban planning have also become the company’s main points of intervention. Currently, SD Partners is based in Milan and Rome.

The vocation to provide integrated services in architecture, engineering and urban design has been evident from the beginning together with the ability to innovate and evolve founded on a solid tradition.

The company works in the field of architectural, civil and urban design, as well as in structural engineering and plant design. It is able to develop a project from the city scale to the construction details, following the entire design procedure, from conception to testing of the works.

SD Partners works in partnership with many Italian and foreign firms. The firm has significant experience in Public Works through the design and works management of public and strategic buildings, institutional offices, residential and urban mix developments, infrastructures, roads and subways.

Fernando Rodríguez, Pablo Oriol. FRPO

FRPO (2008) is an architecture office based in Madrid directed by Fernando Rodriguez and Pablo Oriol, internationally recognized with the Architectural Record Design Vanguard (New York, 2012), Europe 40 under 40 (2009) and Bauwelt Preis (Berlin, 2007) awards, among others. Their work has also received prestigious awards, such as the selection for the Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards (2019), the FAD Awards (2019), the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2016, Golden Lion), the nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Awards (2015), the IX and XII Spanish Biennials of Architecture and Urbanism (2007 and 2013), or the V and IX Ibero-American Biennials of Architecture and Urbanism (2006 and 2014).

FRPO’s work has been widely published, and its proposals have been disseminated through articles, lectures, and frequent exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

Trained as architects at the ETSAM in Madrid, at the IIT in Chicago and the TU Berlin, Pablo Oriol and Fernando Rodriguez are professors in the Department of Architectural Design at the ETSAM UPM, as well as regular guests at various national and foreign universities.

Fernando Rodríguez holds a PhD in Architecture since 2015. He studied architecture at UPM ETSAM in Madrid and at the Technische Universität Berlin, between 1995 and 2003. He has collaborated in MVRDV and has been Invited Critic with Kees Christiaanse at the TU Berlin. He worked as a project architect for Abalos & Herreros in 2004. He is a lecturer at the Architectural Design Department of UPM ETSAM and at the IE University.

Pablo Oriol studied architecture at UPM ETSAM and the IIT College of Architecture in Chicago, between 1995 and 2005. He was Cultural Activities Curator for the General Department of Architecture of the Ministry of Public Works for the ETSAM and the Cervantes Institute between 1999 and 2002. He was part of the redaction team of the magazine Arquitectura Viva in 2006. He is PhD candidate and lecturer at the Architectural Design Department of UPM ETSAM and at the IE University.

In 2005 Fernando Rodriguez and Pablo Oriol were founding partners of Nolaster Oficina de Arquitectura, where they developed their professional activity until 2007. In 2008 they established FRPO as a natural evolution of their previous professional experiences.

Juan Tur Mc Glone WALK

WALK, Architecture & Landscape is a Madrid-based firm established by Juan Tur Mc Glone (Madrid, 1977) operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape design. WALK's work has been awarded international competitions and its work and projects have been published and exposed in international and national media.

Juan Tur Mc Glone (Madrid,1977), director and founder of WALK, is a senior architect and urban designer. Previously to WALK , he was co-founder of MADHOC STUDIO, (2007-2011).

Parallel to his own practice, he had a steady collaboration since 2006 with the Dutch firm WEST 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, where he stands as a Project Architect- Coordinator, leading the design and implementation of urban projects both in Spain and abroad.

He combines his professional activity with teaching practice at the School of Architecture of Madrid ETSAM as an associate professor in the Design Studio. He is also Co-director of the Advanced Urban Design Workshop at the Master in Architecture of Nebrija University, Madrid.



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