Timelessness and adaptability in education. MOME campus by 3h architects

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Project team
Lead architect.- Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther. Project architect.- Gábor Kállay, Tamás Békesi. Team.- Ábel Bálint, Júlia Boromissza, Ádám Farkas, Ádám Farkas (intern), Emese Galamb, Dorottya Garay-Kiss, János Gyuricza, Zsolt Péteri, Krisztina Tari, Balázs Baranyai, Ákos Dobrányi, Borbála Parizán.
Structural engineering.- András Szabó † (YSAKO Kft.). Mechanical engineering.- János Bukovics (G&B Plan Kft.). Electrical engineering.- Gábor Kun (Hungaroproject Mérnökiroda Kft.). Fire safety engineering.- Béla Nagy (Flamma Contra Kft.), Gabriella Pukánszky (Nokesy Design Kft.). Garden and landscape design.- Enikő Kapás (Departer Mérnöki Iroda Kft.). Kitchen technology.- András Gauland (Teco-Gastro Bt.). Environmental engineering.- Ágota Ruttkay-Miklián. Acoustics and environmental engineering.- András Kotschy (KOTSCHY és Társai Kft.). Construction design.- Gergely Sipos (Arkkitehti Építész és Mérnökiroda Kft.). Conservation.- Márta Branczik. Road and traffic engineering.- Tamás Dobrocsi (Create Value Kft.).
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Krisztina Somfai project manager.
Total area.- 15 851 sqm. Site area.- 20 010 sqm.
Main contractor: Market Építő Zrt. Exterior.- Garden furniture.- MMcité3, Basic Collection. Garden lightning.- Hofeka. Building materials.- Liko-s. Roof.- Creaton. Facade.- Lambert’s, Sto, Vicona. Isolations.- Rockwool. Interior products.- Sofas.- Theca. Dining.- Pedrali. Lightning.- Zumthobel. Doors and windows.- Hörmann.
Budapest, Hungary.

3h architects

3h architects is a group of architects working in Budapest. The practice’s activities include the design of office, residential, public and ecclesiastical buildings and the restoration of historic buildings. Numerous Hungarian and international prizes, invitations to competitions, publications and exhibitions testify to the quality of its output.

3h architects, which currently employs 18 people, was founded in 1994 by Katalin Csillag and Zsolt Gunther with the aim of interpreting their complex architectural ideas in the form of buildings that are forward-looking in time and space. The office takes pride in both its flair for imaginative concepts and its skill in finding cutting-edge technical solutions.

3h refers to the hardness of a pencil: just as the hard 3h pencil leaves an indelible mark, so the 3h group of architects strives to leave its mark on the world with its designs and buildings.




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