Traditional reinterpretation. 4 VPO by Rodrigo Núñez Carrasco, Nazareth Gutiérrez Franco, Juan Carrascosa Guardia

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Angela Sisternes.
Technical architect.- Asier Zarrazkin, Felipa Fernández.
Other technicians.- Juan Aiciondo, Fernando Macías.
Construcciones Maldadia S.L
Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda S.A. (NASUVINSA).
828.96 sqm.
Iberreka Street, Garralda, Navarra, Spain.

Rodrigo Núñez Carrasco

Rodrigo Núñez Carrasco, architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2003) and winner of the Fundación Caja de Arquitectos scholarship for the ten best academic records in Spain. In 2017 he finished his doctoral thesis entitled «The Scales of Time. Chronostrategies in the architecture of Rem Koolhaas”, which focuses on the study of temporal implications in architecture taking the work of Rem Koolhaas as a reference, and which obtained the Outstanding Cum Laude rating awarded by the panel made up of Rafael Moneo, Juan Calatrava, Beatriz Colomina, Javier Monclús and Federico Soriano.

Nazareth Gutiérrez Franco

Nazareth Gutiérrez Franco has a degree in Architecture from the CEU San Pablo University and the Polytechnic University of Madrid since 2005. In 2007 she began at the Polytechnic University of Madrid to obtain a doctorate in ETSAM, Analysis, Theory and History of Architecture.

In 2005 she began her professional career at the Soriano y Asociados Arquitectos studio where she will work for three years. From 2008 to 2009 she works in London at the Chora Architecture & Urbanism studio. In 2015 to 2014 she works at Idom ACXT (Consulting, Engineering, architecture). Lastly, from 2009 to the present she is the director of the architecture studio NAZA Arquitectura y Diseño.



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