Tus manos están bien by Dagoberto Rodríguez in Ivorypress

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Diana Cuéllar,
Ivorypress. C/ Aviador Zorita 46-48. 28020 - Madrid. Spain
September 17, 2019 - October 26, 2019

Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez

Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez was born in 1969 in Caibarién, Las Villas, and he graduated from the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), Havana, Cuba, in 1994. In 1992, he co-founded Los Carpinteros collective with Marco Antonio Castillo Valdés and Alexandre Arrechea. Their works have been exhibited in museums and cultural institutions around the world.

Their international renown is evidenced by the inclusion of their artwork in public and private collections, including the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art (CGAC) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain; the Extremadura and Ibero-American Museum of Contemporary Art (MEIAC) in Badajoz, Spain; the Tate Gallery in London United Kingdom; the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France; the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, USA; and Daros—Latinamerica in Zürich, Switzerland.

In 2003, Arrechea left the collective and Los Carpinteros split up in 2018. Dagoberto Rodríguez is currently working in Madrid. In his work he combines architecture, design and sculpture. Use humor and irony to address central issues of art, politics and society. The watercolor is a very important part of his creative process, as it is a form of collaboration, registration and revision of his ideas. Often these relationships become a possible conceptual situation.



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