Under construction. Canakkale Antenna Tower by IND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company

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IND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company. Arman Akdoğan, Felix Madrazo, Charles Bessard and Nanne de Ru.
Project team
Alejandro Gonzalez Perez, Stijn Kemper, Albert T. Richters, Onur Can Tepe, Bibiana Paez, Bruno Barbosa, Senad Gvozden, Martin Frank Petersen, Donna Van Milligen Bielke, Paul Rikken, Joanna Kułaczkowska.
Structural Engineering.- ABT + INTAC, Abt, Han Krijgsman, Jouke Pieter Lutgendorf. Antenna Engineering.- Hasan Yeşilova, Nizamettin Çetinyılmaz. Landscape.- Entorno Taller de Paisaje + LOOP. Aerial visualisation.- MIR.
Canakkale Government + Ministry of Communication & Transport.
International Competition. 1st Prize, 2015.
Construction, 2019-2020.

Arman Akdogan, Felix Madrazo IND [Inter.National.Design]

IND [Inter.National.Design] is an architecture and urbanism office founded in 2007 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands by Arman Akdogan and Felix Madrazo. The practice main interest is to achieve design clarity in combination with a delicate response to context.

Arman Akdogan (Istanbul, Turkey 1973). Partner IND. He studied architecture at University of Mimar Sinan (Istanbul). During his studies and after his graduation, he collaborated with the office Erginoglu Calislar Architecture in Istanbul. In 2002 he received his master of Architecture diploma from the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. He is a co-author of the book Research for Research concerning the architecture works of Bruno Taut edited by Bart Lootsma. After his master studies he worked three years at West 8 and OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), both located in Rotterdam. He was guest Curator for the Turkish pavilion at the Mare Nostrum section of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2005.

Felix Madrazo (Saltillo, Mexico 1972). Partner IND [Inter.National.Design], Founder Supersudaca, Lecturer-Researcher The Why Factory, TU Delft.

Architect by La Salle University, Mexico City. Master of Architecture from The Berlage Institute, Rotterdam. After graduating as architect he works for Alberto Kalach where he is in charge of the GGG house. After finishing his master studies he wins a fellowship of the Kulturstiftung and the Urban Think Tank to research informal settlements in Caracas. He joins OMA in 2004 where he works as senior and project architect. Also in this period works at AMO as editor. In 2007 with Arman Akdogan he opened IND [Inter.National.Design], an international practice of architecture and urbanism. He is a co-founder of Supersudaca, a collective of architects from Latinamerica mainly doing research on contemporary themes affecting society and territory. Supersudaca has obtained the Best Entry Award recognition from the International Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam in 2005 with a research on the impacts of mass tourism in the Caribbean. Since 2008 he is a lecturer and researcher at The Why Factory, TU Delft. He has been Co-director of studio at Strelka Institute in Moscow, guest lecturer at Universite Catolique de Louvain, tutor at the Berlage Institute and guest lecturer at IIT Illinois Institute of Technology. He has published several articles and has authored with The Why Factory the books City Shocks and Copy Paste, both by Nai010 Press.

Nanne de Ru. Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company is an architecture studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, founded by Nanne de Ru, in 2005, now led together by Paul Stavert, Stijn Kemper, Stefan Prins, Sander Apperlo (Munich), and Johanne Borthne (Oslo).

A multidisciplinary office of around 100 professionals, with international studios in Beijing, Oslo, and Munich. They have won a number of prizes, including the Dutch Design Award, the Maaskant Prize, and the AM/NAI Award.



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