Urban folds that integrate. Plaza del Zarrón by Bov Estudio

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Ayuntamiento de Almazán.
Áridos y Excavaciones Ciria SL.
1,380.00 sqm.
Completion.- 2023, may.
Almazán, Soria, Spain.
€ 481,000.00.

Irene González, César Buquerín, Antonio Valverde. BOV Estudio

BOV Estudio, architecture and design studio based in Madrid, was born in 2014 with the aim of making architecture truly committed to people, understanding these are parts of a community, an environment, a culture and a time. Its founders, Irene González, César Buquerín and Antonio Valverde are convinced that architecture and design should not belong to those who create them but to those who use them, those who feel them and those who live them.

Since the creation of BOV Estudio, together they have worked on both national and international projects of very diverse nature and scale, with people as the common denominator. Our work has been recognized with more than 20 awards, among which we highlight the Plaza del Zarrón (Almazán, Soria) and the Rehabilitation of the Casa Ágreda as a Cultural and Exhibition Center (Granada), now at design development phase.

Irene González (Burgos, 1989) studied architecture at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid. She worked at Estudio Lamela in Madrid, Shanghai and Doha, collaborating in the design and execution of numerous large-scale projects. She completed her education with a Master's degree in BIM Manager, Project Development and Management (MIM) of CICE and the WELL AP Certification & LEED AP BD + C Certification at GBES.

César Buquerín (Madrid, 1989) grew up in Ayllón (Segovia) and studied architecture at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, graduating with honors. He worked at the Rafael de La-Hoz and Lucas y Hernandez-Gil studios in Madrid and Cino Zucchi Architetti in Milan. He further completed his education with a Master's degree in Urban Interior Design (MUID) of the Politecnico di Milano and the the Executive MBA (EMBA) of EAE Business School.

Antonio Valverde (Granada, 1989) grew up in his hometown and studied architecture at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid. He worked at the Canals Moneo Arquitectos and Rafael Moneo offices in Madrid. He completed his education with a Master's degree in Architectural Project Design and 3D Modeling (MAI) of CICE and a Master's degree in Architectural Management and Design (MAMD) of IE Business School.



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