Vertical urban agriculture. La Cité Maraîchère by ilimelgo

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Associate architect.- Secousses. Agronomist.- Terreauciel. Design office for all trades.- Scoping. High Environmental Quality design office.- Étamine. Landscaper.- Land’act.
Ville de Romainville.
2,060 m².
Competition date.- January 2016.
Year of delivery.- March 2021.
Cost of works.- € 5.1M.
Quartier Marcel Cachin, Romainville, Seine-Saint-Denis, France.
Sandrine Marc and Guillaume Maucuit Lecomte (drone), Paul Lengereau.

Valérian Amalric. Ilimelgo architectes

Valérian Amalric founded Ilimelgo architectes with the collaboration of Catherine Gascon, Félicie Botton, Paul Lengereau, Héloïse de Broissia and Karine Bergevin.

Creating a collective dynamic. Building strong relationships within their team, but also with their partners, is their main concern. They believe in a collaborative approach, where everyone's expertise is recognized, to create insightful and legitimate projects. They are committed to providing a high level of service to their clients by delivering sustainable projects that meet their expectations.

Growing ideas. They are aware that regardless of the size or scale of the project, architecture has the unique power to influence lifestyle and society. Their desire to integrate nature into the urban environment stimulates their innovative approach. Beyond their interest in the aesthetics of a project, they want to propose new ways of using space, buildings, and infrastructures.

Clothing projects. Several elements are intertwined in the construction of a project; its contextual and social environment, as well as its specifications and assigned budget. Therefore, each project is unique and so is the solution they offer. Its strength lies in their attention to detail and in finding the right balance between function and space, material and design, context and environment, within budgets and financial deadlines.



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