Vespers: Series II. Funeral masks by MIT, which capture the last breath and the future

Vespers: Series II. Funeral masks by MIT, which capture the last breath and the future
London Design Museum [LON] UK
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Vespers. Series 2 Mask 4. Close-up view. Designed by Neri Oxman and members of the Mediated Matter Group as part of The New Ancient Collection 3D Printed by Stratasys, Ltd. 2016. Photograph © Yoram Reshef. Courtesy of the Mediated Matter Group
Neri Oxman, an architect, designer and professor at MIT in Boston, has created with the Mediated Matter Group and 3D printing company Stratasys a series of death masks called Vespers, using ultra-high definition 3D printing. Reviving this ancient ritual object traditionally made using wax or plaster with state-of-the-art technology, Oxman speculates on how wearable accessories might help to transform us at the end of our lives. This new body of work is the culmination of a project that recently included a mask created for Björk.
A Collection of Death Masks By Neri Oxman & Members of the Mediated Matter Group
Masks created for The New Ancient Collection by Stratasys curated by Naomi Kaempfer
To debut in Fear and Love at The Design Museum, London, November 24th—April 23rd.
Oxman, along with her team members – Christoph Bader, Dominik Kolb, Rachel Smith, and Sunanda Sharma of the Mediated Matter Group – led the creation of Vespers. Comprising 15 masks in three sub-series, Vespers portrays the past, present and future, and explores the themes of past worlds and future technologies.
“Made of a single material, such as wax or plaster, the death mask has historically originated as a means of capturing a person’s visage, keeping the deceased ‘alive’ through memory,” explains Oxman. “Vespers’ death masks, however, are designed to reveal cultural heritage and speculate about the perpetuation of life, both cultural and biological.”

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Christoph Bader Dominik Kolb Rachel Sm
ith Sunanda Sharma James Weaver Prof. Neri Oxman
London’s Design Museum, London. UK
Dates Fechas
24 November 2016 – 23 April 2017


Designer Neri Oxman is the Sony Corporation Career Development Professor and Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, where she founded and directs the Mediated Matter design research group. Her group explores how digital design and fabrication technologies mediate between matter and environment to radically transform the design and construction of objects, buildings, and systems. more