Villacelama Sports Centre by Quirós Presa

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QUIRÓS PRESA.- Itziar Quirós and Pablo López Presa
Structures.- Alfredo Lafuente. Facilities.- Mario Pérez and Joaquín Redondo. Quantity Surveyor.- Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez. Contractor.- OPHISA
Villacelama’s Municipality

Quirós Presa

Quirós Presa, is a study founded in 2014 by the architects Itziar Quirós Urdampilleta and Pablo López Presa after their experience working in recognized international studios.

Quirós Presa defends a social and committed vision of architecture, in which even the most humble project has a transforming function. Great defenders of the Patrimony and specialized in architecture of maximum energetic efficiency, work in a balance between tradition and vanguard. His projects claim popular architecture (such as construction on land), combining it with a contemporary language and the most cutting-edge energy efficiency systems, having obtained the prestigious German Passivhaus certification in several projects.

Currently, Quirós Presa is immersed in the construction of several low-consumption buildings in different parts of Spain, promoting heritage defense initiatives (rehabilitation of the Sandoval Monastery), and collaborating in dissemination and research projects to improve our buildings public (Study on comfort and air quality in Public Schools of Spain).



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