White Architecture. WHITE WOLF HOTEL by And-Ré

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Project team
Partners in charge: Bruno André / Francisco Salgado Ré
Adalgisa Lopes / Ana Matias / João Fernandes / Pedro Costa / Sandra Paulo / Sofia Mota Silva.
Completed (2013).
Penafiel, Portugal.
João Soares.

Bruno André, Francisco Salgado Ré. AND-RÉ Architects

AND-RÉ. [Porto / Portugal] Founded in 2008 by the partners Bruno André and Francisco Salgado Ré, AND-RÉ office is a creative studio, dedicated to a strategic practice and forward thinking of architecture and design, which uses to create positive responses to contemporary challenges and paradigms. The office works to find pragmatic and contextualized solutions, focused on the user and the human relationship with space, objects and their impact on the world and society. Headquartered in Portugal, they are also present in Brasil, Switzerland and UAE, where they keep developing innovative strategic concepts, based in respect for society, environment and humanity.

Bruno André is co-founding partner of AND-RÉ. Born in Oporto in 1981, he graduated in architecture at FAULP. He previously worked with Carlos Castanheira and Álvaro Siza Vieira on various projects in Portugal, Dubai and Korea.

Francisco Salgado Ré is co-founding partner of AND-RÉ. Born in Porto in 1981, he studied arts and architecture at FAULP. He dedicated his work to a multidisciplinary cross-pollinated practice between different areas such as architecture, design, art or gastronomy.


Act strategically facing main issues.
Adapt to different contexts.
Respect the past and work for the future.
Believe in the user perspective point of view.
Think in architecture and design as critical activities.
Aim for responsible, comprehensive and engaging creations. Feel creation both as cultural consequence and generator. Understand architecture and design as solutions.





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