Into the wild, new project by Ark-shelter

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Michiel De Backer, Martin Mikovčák – Ark-shelter.
Construction.- 05.2018
Table, dining table, couch and lamp - Ark-shelter. Drawing and conference table: Prostoria
Technical components
Boiler - Ariston, sanitary - geberit, sink battery - Sapho. Kitchen Appliances: Mora. Projection Screen - Electric Master. Glazing - Saint Gobain. el. batteries - Mercedes, Solar Panels - from Energy Vision bvba. / not installed in the presented space. Intelligent - automated control of all el. components from: ELISPLUS - system Loxone
Internal lining - Iwtrend spruce bio panel + bleaching technology. Ext. façade cladding - spruce profiles painted with oil black color. Horizontal surfaces + furniture - lacquered oak + beige finish. Roof - Fatrafol. Shower tray - mirror stainless steel. Washbasin in cup - walnut
Kysuce. North Slovakia

Martin Mikovčák, Michiel De Backer. Ark-Shelter

Ark-shelter is a Belgian-based architecture firm with the principle of being a studio for developing modular architecture, founded by Martin Mikovčák and Michiel De Backer, five years ago, in 2015.

They started as two architectural students, beginning to think about how people live their lives nowadays. In today’s fast-paced world, we've fallen into a continuous loop of pressures and deadlines that stresses and overwhelms.  They’ve found a way to escape from this stressed life and return to the roots. They believe that by incorporating nature back into our lives, people will find the break they need.

That’s how ark-shelter philosophy was born, and they built their first compact cabin. They integrated all the necessary objects we need to survive in the heart of nature, being totally off-grid with solar panels, batteries, and recovery water systems.
Today they are still moving forward as a hybrid of workshop-studio of architects and craftsmen, researching the limits of their cabin-modular building system.

They have been nominated for the Real-estate of the year 2016 awards and have received the Birdhouse startup award and the Big See Architecture Award in 2019.



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