Winners of the ideas competition for the Metropolitan Forest of Madrid

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Project teams
"Tiempo de silencio" Authors.- UTE VOLTERRA ECOSYSTEMS S.L. + LOLA Landscape Architects B.V., represented by Don Seven Kallen. "EFECTO MARIPOSA" Authors.- UTE CLIMENT-CLIMENT-NAVASCUES-AR2V, represented by Mr. Luis Climent Rosillo. "A FLOR DE YESO" Authors.-UTE UXAMA INGENIERIA Y ARQUITECTURA, SLPU, GESTION INTEGRAL DEL SUELO, SL and ESLAVA Y TEJADA ARQUITECTOS, SL, represented by Mr. David Gistau Cosculluela. "MANANTIAL SUR INFRAESTRUCTURA REGENERADA" Authors.- ALDAY JOVER ARQUITECTOS S.L.P., represented by Mr. Iñaki Alday Sanz. "DEL MANZANARES AL GUADARRAMA" Authors.- RUBIO ARQUITECTURA S.L.P., represented by Mr. Carlos Rubio Carvajal.
Madrid City Council. Government Area for Urban Development. General Directorate of Strategic Planning.
Madrid, Spain.



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