2020 vs 2021. Serpentine Pavilion Commission Extended until next year due to Covid-19

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Counterspace Studio. Sumayya Vally, Sarah de Villiers and Amina Kaskar.
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Serpentine Gallery. Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA. UK.
11 Jun 2020 to 11 Oct 2021.

Sumayya Vally, Amina Kaskar, Sarah de Villiers. ​Counterspace

​Counterspace is a Johannesburg-based collaborative architectural studio, directed by an all-woman team of Sumayya Vally, Amina Kaskar and Sarah de Villiers. Much of their work emerges from research and interdisciplinary arts-based projects, undertaking predominantly architectural projects, community engagement, exhibition and installation conceptualisation and urban research and design.

Their work is influenced with ideas towards inclusivity, otherness and future; and often work with other creative disciplines in the formation of innovative approaches to interesting design challenges. Counterspace is inspired by their location – Johannesburg – and aims to work with developing design expression particularly for Johannesburg and the continent – through urban research, publications, installations and architecture.

Counterspace has been involved in a number of research, graphic and immersive design projects with national-scale stakeholders, local architects and various universities in South Africa; in addition to various cultural architectural projects in rural and urbanized South Africa, and internationally.

The practice occupies a space adjacent to academic practice, with Sumayya leading Unit 12 at the Graduate School of Architecture, Johannesburg, founded by Prof Lesley Lokko, Sarah currently leading Unit 18 at the same institution, and Amina leading the Housing Ecologies studio at the University of the Witwatersrand postgraduate architecture school.
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