The 5 winners of the MATCOAM Awards have been announced

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The 2022 Award Master Jury
Mr. Ángel Hernández Espada.- 3rd Member of the COAM Governing Board.
Ms. María Eugenia del Río Villar.- Treasurer of the COAM Governing Board.
Mr. Alberto Nuño.- project KAM GROHE.
Mr. Luis Renedo Hernández.- architect awarded in the previous edition of the MATCOAM Awards.
Ms. Lys Villalba Rubio.- architect awarded in the previous edition of the MATCOAM Awards.
Mr. Jose Alfonso Álamo Moreno.- COAM Competitions.
2 to 5 November 2022.
Madrid, Spain.


Andrés Jaque, holds a Ph.D. in architecture. He is the founder of the Office for Political Innovation and the Dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, New York.

In 2014 he received the Silver Lion at the 14th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura, Biennale di Venezia.

He is the author of award-winning projects such as Plasencia Clergy House (Dionisio Hernández Gil Prize), House in Never Never Land (Mies Van der Rohe European Union Award's finalist), TUPPER HOME (X Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo), or ESCARAVOX (COAM Award 2013). He has also developed architectural performances as well as installations that question political frameworks through architectural practice; including IKEA Disobedients (MoMA Collection, 2011); PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society (Mies Barcelona Pavilion, 2012) or Superpowers of Ten (Lisbon Triennale, 2014).

Andrés Jaque is a Professor of Advanced Design at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) and Visiting Professor at Princeton University's School of Architecture.

Miguel Mesa del Castillo

Miguel Mesa del Castillo is an architect from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, he holds a PhD from the University of Alicante with the doctoral thesis Víctimas de un mapa. Architecture and resistance in the time of flexible culture. He has collaborated with Francisco Alonso de Santos, Clavel Arquitectos, Víctor López Cotelo, José María Torres Nadal and Massimiliano Fuksas in Rome. Between 2002 and 2007 he was an associate architect at the AdHoc studio in Murcia.

From 1996 to 2005 he lived in Rome (Italy) where he was a research assistant for a year at the Università degli Studi "La Sapienza" in Rome. He has published articles on city, architecture and society in specialised magazines such as C3 Korea, A 10 New European Architecture or Pasajes de Arquitectura y Crítica. He has lectured at the University of Seville, the Istituto Nazionale di Architettura (Rome), the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen), Tabakalera (Donostia), and the Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona, among other institutions.

In 1998, after travelling to Tel-Aviv and Tulkarem (Palestine), he began to work on the political implications of architectural practices in the Palestinian-Israeli territorial conflict, which occupies part of his academic dedication, both in teaching and research. He has published articles on the Palestinian question and participated in conferences, seminars and teaching workshops on the subject. In the academic year 2008-2009 he developed a teaching programme that resulted in the work "Mapping Gaza", which explores the implications of the architectural discipline in the conflict, and more specifically in the territory of the Gaza Strip.

Since 2010 he has been conducting research on the relevance of the ordinary in architecture from a socio-technical perspective. He has given lectures on the subject at MediaLab (Madrid), SOS 4.8 (Murcia), and La Casa Encendida (Madrid).

He has been a guest lecturer at the Institut D'Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya, at the European University of Valencia, at the Istituto Nazionale di Architettura (InArch, Rome), at LaBoral in Gijón and at Tabakalera, Donostia. He has been a full-time lecturer in the Architectural Projects Area of the Architecture degree at the University of Alicante since 2007 (he is currently an Associate Professor).


Ángela García de Paredes (1958) and Ignacio García Pedrosa (1957) are architects by the Architecture School of Madrid, where they teach. Invited professors in other spanish and foreign universities for teaching, critics and speakers. In 1990 they founded Paredes Pedrosa Studio, after collaborating with José María García de Paredes for several years.

They are authors of, among other works, the Valdemaqueda Town Hall, Valle Inclán Theatre in Madrid, the Archaelogical Museum of Almería, Peñíscola Auditorium, La Olmeda Roman Ville, Ceuta Library or the Lugo Auditorium. Their work has been recognized with the 2007 Spanish Architecture National Award, ar+d Award, Europan II and IV, Europa Nostra, Madrid Architecture Award, Mansilla Award, Gold Medal International Prize for Sustainable Architecture, Mediterranean Sustaniable Architecture Award and 'Golden Medal for the Merit in Fine Arts' 2014, given by the Culture and Sports Spanish Ministery. Their work has been exhibited in many national and international architecture biennials.


Amann, Cánovas, Maruri, architecture firm established by: Atxu Amann Alcocer, Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz and Nicolás Maruri Mendoza.

Atxu Amann Alcocer. Madrid 1961. Architect by the ETSA of Madrid. Doctorate from ETSAM with outstanding Cum Llaude, 2007. Urban Planning Technician from the Urban Studies Center of I.E.A.L. (M.A.P.) Scholar of the Technische Hoschule of Darmstadt (Germany) in CAAD. Director of the magazine Arquitectos. Director of the Postgraduate courses in Editorial Design for the European Social Fund. Professor in the postgraduate courses of Editorial Graphic Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid. Professor of the Department of Architectural Graphic Ideation of ETSAM

Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz. Cartagena 1958. Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid. Prometheus Scholarship at Tecniche Hoschule. Darmstatd. Germany. Director of the "Monographs of Architects" Collection. Director of the "Monographs of Buildings" Collection, Director of the "Crítica de Arquitectura" Collection, Director and editor of the magazine Arquitectos, 1987-2006, Professor of the CSDM of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University, European Design Institute, Coordinator of several postgraduate courses in Graphic Design Editorial in the Faculty of Fine Arts, the European Institute of Design and the European Social Fund. Faculty of Fine Arts, UCM, Professor of the Master of Aesthetics and Theory of Arts of the Autonomous University, Professor of Design Master of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca, Professor of the Master of Intervention in the Heritage of the ETSAM Professor of the Tourism Master of the UPC of Barcelona.

He has been secretary of the Final Project Project Tribunal at ESTAM. UPM. Deputy Director of the Spanish Architecture Biennial. Director of the Summer Course at the University of Almería. Visiting Professor at the Universities of Salamanca, San Sebastián, La Coruña, Seville, Navarra, Valencia, Polytechnic of Cartagena, SEK of Segovia, Alfonso X, Advanced Architecture Institute of Barcelona, ​​Polytechnic University of Catalonia, London AA, Montpellier, Rome Tre , Calgliari, Toulouse, Javeriana from Bogotá, Chicago IIT and Arizona CAPLA. He is a professor of Projects of the ETSAM Academic Coordinator of the MCH of the ETSAM. UPM and Director of the Projects area. Professor of the subject "Sociology of Housing".

Nicolás Maruri Mendoza. Madrid 1961. Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid. Doctorate from ETSAM with outstanding Cum Llaude, 2007. Prometheus Scholarship at Tecniche Hoschule Darmstatd. Germany. Master's Degree in Building from Columbia University. NY. He is a professor in the Projects Department of ETSAM. He has been: Secretary of the Court of the ETSAM End-of-Degree Project and Visiting Professor at the University of Arizona. He has given conferences in London AA, San Sebastian, SEK of Segovia.


Fermín Vázquez Huarte-Mendicoa (Madrid, 1961) architect since 1988. He studied at ETSAM (Madrid) and ETSAB (Barcelona). He leads b720 Fermín Vázquez Architects, which he set up with Ana Bassat in 1997, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.

b720 is an international studio. It works globally within its offices in Brasil and Spain, in projects located in a dozen of differents countries.

The work of the studio, which has been showed in several events and museums as the Biennal of Venice, the Cité of París and MoMA of NY, has been awarded nationally and internationally with several prizes, among there are two RIBA Awards, a World Architecture Festival award, four awards ASPRIMA-SIMA, the Emporis Skyscraper Award and the European Public Urban Space award.

Among his best-known projects there are the Agbar Tower -with Jean Nouvel Architectures-, Lérida's airport, the Plaza del Torico in Teruel, La Mola Conference Centre in Barcelona, the City of Justice of Barcelona and the building for de America Cup in Valencia -both with David Chipperfield Architects- and the Gran Casino Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar. Currently working, among other projects, on the new Mercat dels Encants in Barcelona, the new international airport of Cuzco in Perú, the regeneration of the Waterfront of Cais Mauá of Porto Alegre, a new neighbourhood for 70.000 residents in Brasilia and in several high buildings in Sao Paulo.

He usually combines the proffesional practise with teaching. He has been teacher at ETSAB, at l'École d'Architecture et Paysage de Burdeos, at Universidad Europea de Madrid and he has given courses and conferences large universities and institutions all over the world.

Ophélie Herranz Lespagnol, Paul Galindo Pastre. NOMOS arquitectos

NOMOS arquitectos. (Formerly PYO, now NOMOS). NOMOS is the name under which Ophélie Herranz and Paul Galindo practice in Madrid. NOMOS is an association of architects based in Geneva, Lisbon and Madrid. Together they work on projects of all scales, from furniture to masterplanning, with great interest in cultural context and the environment.

Using drawing primarily to shape their ideas, they explore new ways of creating community through buildings that seek opportunities within constraints.

They approach each project with enthusiasm, care and curiosity; always striving for sustainable beauty.

Geneva is headed by Katrien Vertenten & Lucas Camponovo, Massimo Bianco, Daniel Schwarz and Ugo Togni.
Lisbon is headed by Jorge Paquete & Veronica Pires.
Madrid is headed by Ophélie Herranz & Paul Galindo.

Javier A. Hdz. Ayllón, Verónica Paradela, Javier de Andrés. AYLLÓN . PARADELA . DE ANDRÉS

AYLLÓN . PARADELA . DE ANDRÉS arquitectos, is an architecture studio with current headquarters in Madrid, directed by three associate architects: Javier Alejo Hernández Ayllón, Verónica Paradela Pernas and Javier de Andrés de Vicente. Its work is based on the premise that any project can be materialized through abstraction, essentiality, constructive rigor and attention to the context, always permeating all its interventions in the place where they are framed, combining tradition and vanguard. Its work has deserved the recognition of several awards - both for work built and in public and private competitions -, ranging from the domestic scale to the urban sphere, through the conservation and rehabilitation of the built heritage.

- 2021_First Prize Public Competition (Department of Sustainability and Environment of the Consell de Mallorca). Reform of different areas of the Raixa public estate such as Mountain Refuge and Training Center-Escola de Margers in the Sierra de Tramontana, Bunyola, Palma de Mallorca. Three Strategies.
- 2019_First Prize Public Contest (Ministry of Development). Setting up the Archaeological Site of the Arrabal Andalusí de La Arrixaca and the Garden of San Esteban (Murcia). In collaboration with BURGOS and GARRIDO architects. Haha
- 2019_First Prize Public Contest (Ministry of Development). Interpretation Center of the Royal Walls of Ceuta. Resilient
- 2019_First Prize Public Competition (Official College of Architects of C. Valenciana and Ayunt. De Gandía) 41 homes for young people in cooperative regime. Gandia Farmhouse
- 2018_ First Prize Ideas Competition (COAM / AEDAS Homes). In collaboration with Xesta Rasilla architects. Design of the show office for real estate developments of AEDAS Homes. Origin. Prototype of prefabricated wooden pavilion for Sales Offices.
- 2017_ COAM 2017 Award (Official College of Architects of Madrid), Spain. In collaboration with Ángela Juarranz. Mirasierra House.



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