A concrete building with a metal envelope. Puskás Aréna Stadium by Közti

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Puskás Konzorcium.- Magyar Építők Zrt és ZÁÉV Zrt.
Nemzeti Sportközpontok.
208,066 m².
Codina Architectural Solution.- 19,500 m² of Eiffel 20100 architectural mesh in stainless steel with frosted finish with TF-60 fixing.
Budapest, Hungary.
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Közti is an Hungarian architecture studio with more than 24 years of experience.

GYÖRGY SKARDELLI is head of design studio, senior architect, and member of the board. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Buda­pest University of Technology in 1980. He has been working for KÖZTI ever since. He had to work for two years at the structural engineering department of KÖZTI. 

As a junior architect, he contributed to the designs of the Kano stadium in Nigeria under the management of Tibor Hübner and later László Szabados. He regularly entered design competitions together with his colleagues at the company and also with former fellow students from the university.

He was admitted to the Master School of MÉSZ (Association of Hungarian Architects) in 1986. He studied there for two years, which had a fundamental influence over his career; besides the group of Lajos Zalaváry–Miklós Dobozi–Csaba Csontos, he met numer­ous other architects, exciting architectural and other ideas.

Winning the competition and the commission of the SOS Children’s Village in Kőszeg opened an opportunity for him to establish his own studio.



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