A covered public space in Larrabetzu. Last chance for a slow dance by Behark

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Design team
Architects in Charge.- Beñat Saratxaga, Gentzane Goikuria. Design Team.- Beñat Saratxaga, Gentzane Goikuria, Asier Madarieta.
Wood Structure Consultant.- Madergia. Quantity surveyor.- Juan Luis Urresti.
125 sqm.
Askatasun square, Larrabetzu, Spain.

Beñat Saratxaga, Gentzane Goikuria. Behark

Behark was founded by architects Beñat Saratxaga and Gentzane Goikuria in 2009.

After approximately a decade of working in large architectural firms in the Basque Country, where they have the opportunity to collaborate with architects such as Carlos Ferrater or coop himmelb(l)au, Beñat Saratxaga, and Gentzane Goikuria created in 2009, the Behark platform to develop a silent architecture, which based on analysis and observation, is oriented to meet the objectives set for each project in the most efficient and relevant way possible, proposing only what is necessary to achieve it.   

In addition to numerous new construction projects for both public and private developers, including some award-winning works, such as the farmhouse for a family of farmers and veterinarians in Gorbeialdea (Egurtek award 2014), the work of behark studio is characterized by its dedication to the transformation of the built, rehabilitation and urban regeneration, especially in degraded neighborhoods or not equipped with buildings or infrastructure adequate to current standards, favoring citizen participation in the design (and enjoyment) of public space. 

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the experience acquired in the drafting of several technical studies for the formulation of Preferential Rehabilitation Areas carried out for the Bilbao Urban Rehabilitation Society in different neighborhoods of the city, which included the technical study of around 350 residential buildings. Thanks to the experience accumulated in the elaboration of such studies, behark has been carrying out in recent times several singular interventions of transformation and efficient rehabilitation of residential buildings, among which the one carried out in the building located in Cuesta de Olabeaga 14, and the transformation of the building Dique 2A Berria de Olabeaga, finalist of the COAVVN 2019 architecture awards, stand out. 
To facilitate the transformation strategies of the built Behark has devised several unique systems, such as Parkez, a modular system for the extension of sidewalks and urban regeneration, or Habit a system for the transformation of residential buildings to withstand the standard, currently under development.



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