A hidden garden in Katzerin. Katzerin High-Tech Center by A. Lerman Architects

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Completion year.- August 2009.
Katzrin, Israel.

Asaf Lerman A. Lerman Architects

A. Lerman Architects is situated in the south of Tel Aviv in a locksmith workshop turned into an architectural studio. The practice was established in 2006 by Asaf Lerman, an Architectural Association graduate. Their portfolio consists entirely of public projects & Asaf is a well-known spokesman for the civic rights in face of the rapidly privatized world everyone lives in.

Their team style working methodology is based on a careful analysis of the site and the mapping of its various contexts. They view the design process as a system with parameters that need to be articulated and prioritized. Once presented clearly, these parameters enable the team to precisely design the effects of architecture over specific layers of the mapped context.

This unique working methodology has led A.Lerman architects, through architectural competitions, to design some of Israel's most renowned public buildings. Central to their portfolio is a series of architectural interventions into iconic buildings in Israel aimed at a re-activation of their public interphase and modern promise.
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