A landscape of terraces for the Asian games. Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center by UAD

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Project team
Zhang Chenfan, Li Bing, Fang Hua, Lv Ning, Huang Diqi, Zhu Jinyun, Zhang Ziquan.
Structure.- Zhang Zhengyu, Jiang Fan.
Water supply and drainage.- Ouyang Hui, Wang Tiefeng.
HVAC.- Cao Zhigang, Zhu Shengwei, Li Xintong.
Electricity.- Yuan Songlin, Feng Shizhen, Zou Fan, Zheng Kai.
Intelligentization.- Lin Hua, Ye Minjie, Yuan Xiaonan.
Lighting.- Wang Xiaodong, Wang Junjie, Liu Yihan, Feng Baile, Wu Xuhui.
Decoration.- Ye Jian, Huang Jianghui, Lin Yunhui.
Decoration electrical.- Xiao Shuzheng, Yu Zicheng.
Curtain wall.- Hang Fei, Dou Lisha, Luo Wenxin, Yuan Zengrong.
Gardening.- Feng Bin, Wu Jina, Shen Haitao, Zhang Beibei, Xu Hui, Wang Jue, Zhu Qunjian.
Municipal administration.- Chen Hao, Wu Lingling, Ling Jiayuan, Zhou Hua, Zhu Min, Wang Xueyan, Sun Zhe.
Rock-soil.- Chen Yun, Yang Qinfeng, Xin Lei, Gu Jiacheng.
Shanghai Baoye Group Corp., Ltd.
Land Area.- 275,182 m².
Floor Area.- 82,360.35 m².
Design Duration.- July 2018 to March 2019.
Construction Duration.- March 2019 to June 2021.
West of the Intersection of Jiulong Avenue and Longxi South Road, Yinhu New District. Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. China.
Zhao Qiang.

Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University. UAD

UAD. Founded in 1953, the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University (UAD) has been one of the earliest Grade-A design institutes among national key universities.

The business scope of the Institute covers design of high-rise buildings, hotels, business complex and administrative office buildings; planning and design of campus, cinemas, libraries, museums, residential community, sports facilities, hospitals and other cultural buildings; design of intelligence architectural system, indoor decoration, landscape, municipal public engineering, geotechnical engineering, curtain walling; maintenance and protection of cultural relics, modern buildings and energy saving assessment for all civil construction projects.

Under the principles of ‘Building harmonious atmosphere; Expanding horizon to the world; Combining production, studying, research and innovation; Pursuing higher, stronger, more elegant and professional’, UAD has received  certification of the ISO9001 quality system evaluation on January 16, 2000.

UAD now is composed of seven comprehensive architectural design institutes, four professional architectural scheme design institutes, one professional studio, three professional design institutes, one engineering technology research center, one quality and technology center, one consultation company, one energy conservation company, nine teachers studio and nine subsidiaries.

With the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering  Jingtang HE and Qiushi Chair Professor of Zhejiang University Yue WU as Art Director, UAD is  proud of its excellent employees,including one Master of Chinese Engineering Design, eight Winners of Architectural Society of China Young Architect Award, one hundred and eleven  Class-one Registered Architects (PRC) , sixty-nine Class-one Registered Structural Engineers (PRC), fourteen Registered Geotechnical Engineers, fourteen Registered Consulting Engineers, seven Registered Cost Assessment Engineers, thirteen Registered Electrical Engineers, twenty-three Registered Water Supply and Drainage Engineers, sixteen Registered Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineers, one Registered Power Engineer, and thirteen Registered Planning Engineers,one Constructor.

Supported by Zhejiang University, UAD has persisted in integration of design, education and research, and has a tradition of relying on brilliant technological talents such as Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cheung Kong Scholar, and school professors to enhance architecture creation. It has also been actively participating in competitions throughout the market, and has been carrying out joint project designs with many other domestic design companies. In addition, UAD has set up close ties with many well-known international design companies such as Niken Sekkei (Japan), HOK (US), GMP (Germany), COX (Australia), PTW (Australia) worldwide. During the past 60 years, the Institute has been awarded more than 500 design and research prizes on the level of nation, ministry or province, winning herself high social reputation and profiting from its accomplishments.



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