Adapting e-commerce. Special plan for uses linked to home delivery by 300.000Km/s

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300.000Km/s. Lead architects.- Mar Santamaria i Varas, Pablo Martínez Díez, Ana Badenas Izquierdo.
Coordination.- Laia Grau, Urban Planning Manager.
Planning Services Department.- Anton Carpio Rovira, Josep Alió Raduà, Marta Triquell Fonrodo.
Barcelona City Council.
Writing team 300,000Km/s.

Mar Santamaria Varas, Pablo Martínez. 300.000Km/s

300.000Km/s. Mar Santamaria Varas and Pablo Martínez are architects (School of Architecture of Barcelona), specializing in urban planning and data science, respectively.

As co-founders of 300.000Km/s, their projects and essays have appeared in Springer, Mas Context, A+U, Landscape Frontiers, Wired, and CityLab. Their work has been presented at the Biennale of Venice, the Art Institute of Chicago (‘Chatter: Architecture Talks Back’), the Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, the Barcelona Design Museum, and the Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA). They both teach the Master in City & Technology at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and the Master of Restoration of Architectural Monuments (BarcelonaTech UPC); Mar is also an associate professor of Urban Design and Planning at the School of Architecture of Barcelona (UPC).

They have lectured at several academic and cultural institutions (University of Miami, École Spéciale d’Architecture-Paris, Welsh School of Architecture, Roma Tre, CCCBarcelona, Medialab Prado) as well as taken part in several symposia and international workshops. They are associates of the Open Data Institute.



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