Agrotopia. Research center for urban horticulture by van Bergen Kolpa and META

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Horticulture techniques.- Wageningen University & Research, BU Greenhouse Horticulture.
Inagro, REO Veiling.
Tractebel. Greenhouse construction.- Smiemans Projecten.
9,500 m².
Oostnieuwkerksesteenweg, Roeselare, Belgium.
Filip Dujardin. Filippo Rossi.

Jago van Bergen, Evert Kolpa. Van Bergen Kolpa Architects

Van Bergen Kolpa Architects designs architecture for food. The office was founded in 2000 by Jago van Bergen and Evert Kolpa. The office works internationally and focuses on clients, stakeholders and innovators who aspire to create sustainable buildings and cities, both now and in the future. Central to the methodology is the formation of a circular balance between programme, urban landscape and natural resources. Van Bergen Kolpa works in multidisciplinary teams of experts on construction projects and urban planning schemes such as the Vertical Farm in Hengshui, China, the Metropolitan Food Valley in Beijing, the Foodexpo building in Doha, Qatar, and Greenport West-Holland.

The company’s projects have been exhibited and published worldwide, including at the Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale and on CNN’s World News channel. In recent years, the practice has received various awards and nominations, including the Prix de Rome, the Charlotte K hler Prize, the World Architecture Award and the Hedy d’Ancona Prize.

Niklaas Deboutte, Eric Soors. META architectuurbureau

META architectuurbureau is an Belgian architecture firm founded by architect Niklaas Deboutte. The firm is led by Niklaas Deboutte and Eric Soors.



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