Annemarie Wilke, student at the Bauhaus in Berlin

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Annemarie Wilke

Annemarie Wilke (Lübeck, Germany, 1906 - Munich, Germany, 1996). She was born in Lübeck as the only child of the merchant Ferdinand Bernhard Heinrich Wilke (22.9.1871 Lübeck-24.7.1934) and Anna Georgine. Bartels (born on November 11, 1873 in Pausdorf). The father runs the water mill on the dream island in Lübeck.

She studied at the Bauhaus between 1929 and 1932. Although she started in the carpentry shop, she eventually graduated in architecture. Thanks to the recognition she received from her teachers at the Bauhaus, Annemarie was one of the few students chosen to work in the private studies of teachers. In 1933 she started an independent career as an architect in Berlin. In 1935 she collaborated with Hilberseimer on the plans for the execution project of the house Am Rupenhorn. In addition, she did interior design work for Lilly Reich, participating in 1937 in the German Pavilion directed by Mies Van der Rohe for the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

Annemarie leaves Berlin and moves to Vienna in 1939, before the start of World War II. There, she meets engineer Mauck, who runs the Henschel locomotive factory and where she starts working. In 1944 she moved to Kassel (Germany), due to the bombing of Vienna. Between 1945 and 1946, she will project there her own family home called "Housing project for engineer Mauck". In 1947 the whole family moved to Lübeck where Annemarie set up her own architecture studio where she carried out projects both for her husband's company (Maschinenfabrik auf der Teerhofinsel) and for clients in her city. In the projects carried out by Annemarie are reforms, reconstructions and upgrades.

The last architectural project of Annemarie Wilke registered in the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin was one of the access gates to the river Trave in Lübeck in 1952. In 1961, she separated from her husband and moved to Munich with her children.

Due to the economic precariousness that existed at that time, she ended up working in the furniture department of a department store.

Finally, Annemarie Wilke died in Munich, July, 1996.



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