Apartment buildings at the foot of the Jeseníky Mountains by Atelier CL3

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CL3. Architects.- Roman Gale, David Bureš, Radek Pasterný.
Technical installations.- TPS projekt, www.tpsprojekt.cz.
Statics.- Huryta, www.huryta.cz.
Fire safety.- Zdeňka Maggio.
Lighting.- ATEH lighting.
Area / Dimensions
Built-up Area.- 299 m², building 01. / 299 m², building 02.
Gross Floor Area.- 1132 m², building 01. / 1,110 m², building 02.
Plot size.- 2,375 m²
Dimensions.- 3,488 m3, building 01. / 3,488 m3, building 02.
Project year.- 2016-2018.
Completion year.- 2020.
Filipovice 534, 79001 Bělá pod Pradědem – Filipovice. Czech Republic.
€ 2.4 mill.
Roof window.- Velux.
Fanlight.- Kubeso.
Window.- wooden frame.- Matrix.
Façade and roof covering.- larch shingle.- Vladimír Hlobil.

Roman Gale, David Bureš, Radek Pasterný. Atelier CL3

Atelier CL3 is an architectural and commercial firm that emerged from a former architectural platform (a laboratory dealing with more than just design). The core members of the team are Roman Gale, David Bureš and Radek Pasterný, completed by other collaborators – currently Petra, Kristýna, Adéla and Mirek.

Their main motto is: “Architecture to us is not just a pursuit of a pretty picture or a routine dream factory. Every time the assignment is an almost impossible challenge, it fills us with joy and energy. We work as a team, respecting each other’s opinion.”

Radek Pasterný graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology, where he completed his Master's degree under Prof. Ivan Koleček in 2015. He was already involved in the design of small buildings and projects during his studies at the faculty. It was then that he began to collaborate freely with David Bureš and Roman Gale, with whom he officially founded the CL3 studio in 2021.

The studio's work now offers a wide range of projects, from family houses and interiors, through residential and commercial projects to public commissions such as kindergartens, squares, and more.



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