Apartment refurbishment in covid times. Lar Familiar by Paulo Moreira architectures

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Design team
Main Architect.- Paulo Moreira. Team.- Paulo Moreira, Hermínio Santos, Flavia Micelli, Alex Kirschstein, Joana Graça, Mario Martínez, Veronika Muzikářová, Zuzana Kropšová.
Carpentry.- Pinho e Matos. Electricity.- Nuno Lopes.
José Silva.
120 sqm.
2019 - 2020.
Porto, Portugal.

Paulo Moreira Architectures

Paulo Moreira Architectures is a Porto-based studio, established by architect Paulo Moreira in 2011. Paulo Moreira is PhD, The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University (2010-18). Master of Arts with Distinction, London Metropolitan University(2008-09). Architecture degree, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (1998-2005). The practice develops architectural, cultural and research projects for post-boom times.

Since beginning, the studio realized additional projects and commissions, in Porto, Lisbon and elsewhere ñ residential, educational, commercial and industrial projects, as well as interventions in the public realm. In parallel, they are deeply engaged in developing research in the architectural field, notably in contexts of urban conflict and social deprivation.

Their projects and research are means through which they seek a wider intellectual endeavor. An international team of collaborators is working across Portugal and abroad, re-imagining a new role for architecture today.
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