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Todo por la praxis is articulated as a laboratory of aesthetic projects of cultural resistance, a laboratory that develops tools with the aim of generating a catalog of socially effective tools with direct action.

The group is formed by a multidisciplinary team that develops part of the work in collaborative construction of micro-architectural or micro-urban devices enabling the reconquest of public space and collective use.

Todo por la praxis is part of an extensive network, Arquitectras Colectivas, which is a network of people and groups interested in the participatory development of the urban environment. The network provides an instrumental space for collaboration in different kinds of projects and initiatives. This network represents an alternative approach to conventional architectural practice, introducing networking, the establishment of a common bank of knowledge and resources and collaborative practices both in the conception and execution of projects.

Active members: Diego Peris, Rafael Turnes, Paul Galan, Joaquin Street, Jon Garbizu, Carlos Hidalgo, David Martí

Collaborators of the collective: Juan Manuel Diez (Manu), Laura Gonzalez, Kasia Dabrowska, Paco Galvez, Fabian Acosta, Javier Blanco, Luis Antonio Martin, Marco Godoy, Luis Diaz, Jaime Mendez, Juan Sebastián Rueda, Orlando Rueda, Magdalini Grigoriadou Massimiliano Casu, Vanessa Viloria.




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