Around the archive city. Master Plan "Parque de las Canteras" by Mendaro Arquitectos

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Ignacio Mendaro Corsini.
Mendaro Arquitectos S.L. Project.- Arq. José Ignacio Montes Herraiz, Arq. Anabel Gómez García, Arq. Maribel González, Engineer Omar Peñaloza Mendoza, Architect Alberto Arteaga. Maqueta.- Arq. Luis Martínez Zúñiga. Construction address.- Arq. Anabel Gómez García, Ing. Omar Peñaloza Mendoza, Ing. Eder Ávila Robles, Ing. Francisco Ricárdez. Arq. Janet Isabel Bautista. Residents of work.- Arq. Maribel González and Arq. Luis Martínez Zúñiga.
Advisory Architect.- Daniel López Salgado. Dro.- Architect Daniel López Salgado, Engineer Cuahtémoc Rafael Hernández Sibaja, Ing. Darío Vasconcelos Martínez and Arq. Daniel Valencia. Gardening and landscaping.- Dº Alejandro de Ávila, Pina Hamilton and Alfredo Saynes. Construction companies.- PAGASA, CODESA and SINFRA. Suppliers.- CEMEX, EUN Group, Schindler. Lighting.- Noriega illuminators. Structure.- PROESI S.C. Metallic structures.- VAYPESA. Facilities.- Ing. Abelino León García, Ing. Geovanni Día Sierra and Ing. Gerardo Canalizo Estrada. Hydraulic installations.- CARAPIA S.A. Special installations.- RADAGA
1,163 million Mexican pesos / 61 million USD / 50 million euros
13 Ha
Approval of the Master Plan for the rehabilitation of the Parque de las Canteras.- March of 2014.. Modified from the Master Plan for the incorporation of the Convention Center, Fairground and Business Center in the Parque de las Canteras.- January 2016. Inauguration of the first phase (Historical Archive and Sports Forest).- November of 2016. Inauguration of the second phase (Convention Center, Trade Fair Center and Center of Business).- December 2017. Inauguration of the third phase (open-air auditorium, Teatro de la Roca, Paseo de Water, Access door and service area, gardening, Puente de las Pozas, ect ...).- In execution.
Mexico, State of Oaxaca, Santa Lucía del Camino, 71228, Parque de las Canteras.

Ignacio Mendaro Corsini

Ignacio Mendaro Corsini. Born in Marquina, Vizcaya in 1946. Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid ETSAM 1974. Associate Professor of the Department of Projects of the ETSAM from 1976-1998. Visiting Professor in the Project Department of the School of Engineering of Cagliari, Sardinia between 2004 and 2007.

He has been a lecturer and invited professor in several national and international universities, recently: I International Congress of Illumination of Monuments (Mexico City 2012) International Meeting of the Architectural Patrimony "Renewal in Continuity" celebrated in Lima, Peru in 2010, Guest of honor to the conference at the French Society of Architecture (SFA) 2010; International Seminar of the Architectural and Urban Project in Cagliari 2010.

ENDESA AWARD 2011 FOR THE BEST SUSTAINABLE RESTORATION with the integral intervention in the Manuel Silvela mansion as the headquarters of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, Madrid. CAM AWARD best geothermal installation 2012 with the Mansion of Manuel Silvela, Madrid, work installed by Eneres. 2013 ASPRIMA PRIZE for the Integral Rehabilitation of the Mansion of Manuel Silvela, Madrid.
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