Austerity and veiling. Claudio Coello 121 by Arenas Basabe Palacios arquitectos

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Project team Design team
Technical architect.- José Ramón Gutiérrez. Landscaping.- Benavides-Laperche.
Andreas Benéitez, Franca Sonntag, Ángel Villanueva, Lidia Fernández.
Proyectos Alconsa, S.L.
Structure.- Ceider, S.L. Installations.- R. Úrculo Consulting Engineers. Furniture.- Vitra.
Claudio Coello St. 121, Madrid, Spain.

Enrique Arenas, Luis Basabe and Luis Palacios. ARENAS BASABE PALACIOS ARCHITECTS

arenas basabe palacios architects was founded in 2006. Since then they have won several architecture and urban prizes. They frequently give lectures and teach at different universities and institutions. They have presented their work and researches in many exhibitions around Europe. Their projects have been published in many countries including Germany, Austria, UK, France, Korea, India and Spain.

Enrique Arenas Laorga (1974), architect graduated at ETSAM (Madrid). He has developed projects in very different areas: rehabilitations, housing, institutional and events. He has held lectures at several academic institutions, and is now researcher at ETSAM. He teaches at IED Madrid.

Luis Basabe Montalvo (1975), architect graduated at the TU Graz. Since 2003 he teaches design studio at ETSAM, where he is also working on his PhD. He was guest researcher and faculty at various Universities: RWTH Aachen (Germany), Cambridge (UK) and CEPT Ahmedabad (India).

Luis Palacios Labrador (1983), architect graduated at ETSAM (Madrid, 2009) and Master in Advanced Innovation and Technology (ETSAM, 2011). Since 2010 he  teaches design studio at ETSAM, where he is also developing his PhD . He worked in the Netherlands and, as a teacher, he has held lectures and workshops in India and UK.



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