Blended in with the environment. Oregon Episcopal School Athletic Center by Hacker

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Project team
Project Manager, Principal-in-Charge.- Stefee Knudsen.
Design Principal.- David Keltner.
Interior Design Principal.- Jennie Fowler.
Interior Designer.- Katherine Park.
Project Architect.- Sarah Post-Holmberg.
Architectural Designer.- Marissa Sant.
Architectural Designer.- Daniel Childs.
Architectural Designer.- Vijayeta Davda.
Architectural Designer .- Caitie Vanhauer.
Landscape.- Walker Macy.
Civil Engineer.- Cardno.
Structural Engineer.- DCI Engineering.
Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer.- PAE.
Electrical Engineer.- PAE.
Lighting.- O-
Acoustical Engineer.- Listen Acoustics.
Theatrical/AV.- Listen Acoustics.
Oregon Episcopal School.
Chairs and Counter Stools.- Emeco.
Tables and Counter Tables.- Muuto.
Side tables and coffee table.- EcoPDX.
Lounge Chairs.- National.
Wood Dome Pendant Light.- Arnsberg.
Gymnasium Lights.- Zumtobel.

Thom Hacker. Hacker Architects

Hacker Architects is an architecture & planning firm founded by Thom Hacker in 1983. The studio provides architectural and design services. They believe that architecture is best when it’s an honest expression of the people and institutions it serves, when it interacts dynamically with its surroundings, makes humble use of the earth’s resources, and has an understated dignity based on carefully crafted construction and the natural beauty of materials.

More than a craft or practice, Hacker sees architecture as a calling to create beauty and serve humanity, requiring deepest listening, questioning, curiosity and engagement.



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