Cabourg Garden Tennis Club by Lemoal Lemoal Architectes

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Landscape.- Octobre Office. Economist.- Loizillon Ingénierie. Fluides Engineer.- Delta Fluides. Structure Engineer.- IBATEC. Manager.- Qualiconsult.
Ville de Cabourg.
200.0 m²
August 2019. Construction time.- 6 months.
Construction of a Club House, with changing rooms and various amenities.
€ 350,000.00
1 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 14390 Cabourg, France.

Christophe Lemoal, Jesse Lemoal. Lemoal Lemoal

Lemoal Lemoal is an architecture agency founded in 2010 by brothers Christophe and Jesse Lemoal. Based in Paris, it expanded in 2018 by moving to Rennes and welcoming a new partner, Sonia Sifflet, landscape architect. The agency now has a dozen employees with varied profiles. She works in the fields of architecture, on cultural, sporting, social and tertiary equipment projects, but also in scenography and design, by fitting out restaurants and designing furniture.

The Lemoal define themselves through their unique journey. Steiner Waldorf, they follow a course in applied arts and continue their studies at ENSA Bretagne. Christophe then trained in the Studio Odile Decq, urban planner. Following Jesse's diploma, they founded their agency in Paris.

The agency defends, in its work, its vision of a so-called "functionalist" architecture. It rigorously advocates the formal and programmatic efficiency of its projects, devising proposals adapted to their uses and functions. It thus makes frugality an issue of its architectural quality.

She enriches her design process by carrying out fine work on detail and finishing. The architects strive to work with noble and raw materials to reveal, in contrast to the minimalism of the projects, the assets of the space.

The combination of these two principles, functionalism on the one hand, richness of the material and its assembly details on the other hand, illustrates the demanding and generous architectural design of the agency. This ensures that a strong and consistent guideline is maintained in its projects.
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