Clichy-Batignolles Eco-District. Urba-tectures in Paris

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Landscape architecture
Project managers Gaëtan Le Penhuel.- Bruno Vaas, Warren Lepolard, Alexandra Faucheux, Pierre Soumagnac. Project managers Saison Menu.- Marcin Wieczorek, Pascal Masson. Project managers SUD.- Alexandre Adam. Project managers Emma Blanc.- Oliva Samit.
Environmental design.- Franck Boutté. Structural design.- Scyna 4. Utilities design.- Barbanel. Façade design.- Arcora. Client project execution representative.- Antiope (outside office) / Artelia.
Façade panels.- Decomo (white concrete O1). Glass.- AGC / Saint Gobain. Cladding.- Arestalfer (Chrysalide). Fused wall coverings.- Muraspec. Façade panels.- ATS (shops). Water table lowering.- Cotrasol. Anti-vibration support.- Acousystem. Earthwork.- Cosson. Metal framework.- Smeca. Retaining wall piles.- Soletanche-bachy. Elevators.- Koné. Sprinkler system.- Axima concept. Façade specialist.- ATS (Aluminum Technology Service). Plumbing.- Energies Clim. Ventilation.- Hitec. Electricity.- Seedg. Masonry.- Art Bâtiment. Green space external works and landscaping.- Voisin parcs et jardins. Sealing/waterproofing.- Couvrex. Glass awnings and roofs.- Mctech. Automatic doors.- Record. Hard floor coverings.- Sofra idf. Screeds.- De jesus. Painting.- Demobat. Interior carpentry.- Korta. Double partitioning.- Isolon. External coating/cladding.- Antunes. Metal locksmiths.- IFD. Locksmithing.- Samson. Locksmithing.- Abel. Smoke/heat control systems.- Gesop. Metal cladding.- Hitec. Exterior floor coverings.- Satp.
37,060.00 m²
Client.- BPD Marignan. AMO.- Artelia. ZAC (new eco-district) Urbanist.- Atelier Grether. ZAC Developer.- Paris Batignolles Aménagement.
Competition.- 2012. Construction time.- 40 months. Delivery.- February 2019.
Place Françoise Dorin 75017 Paris. France.
4,000 m² (43,055.64 ft²) of shops (SUD). 84 rent-stabilized apartments (GLP). 45 first-time buyer apartments (GLP). 1 residence with 100 rooms for doctoral students (SM). 459 parking places (GLP). Program - building complex #2.- 5,500 m² (59,201.50 ft²) of shops (SUD). 4,785 m² (51,505.31 ft²) of office space (GLP). 79 units of social housing (SM). 1 residence with 152 student apartments (SM). 5 levels of parking garage (Arcadis).

Gaëtan Le Penhuel

Gaëtan Le Penhuel & Associés is a firm that brings together about twenty employees who collaborate on all projects. Together, they perform the work of an architect from a multidisciplinary and curious angle . Far from being limited to the same type of programs, the study works on projects that put into perspective a wide range of sectors: offices, education, housing, kindergartens, nursing homes, health, laboratories, culture or urban planning.

All these varied and complementary experiences are the subject of deep reflection to provide truly adequate responses to the demands of the owners and users, with whom we particularly like to work in synergy. The quality of life and the concern for daily well-being occupy an essential place in our buildings, however, our achievements also testify to a desire to affirm a unique architecture. In this sense, our projects are more than ever in search of clean lines, free spaces. We look for an expressive sobriety that vibrates with its context.

Saison Menu - Saison Menu and Associates

Saison Menu & Associates is a study organized around Luc Saison, architect and Isabelle Menu, urban architect, which currently includes 20 people.

Any project addressed by the study initiates a pragmatic study on the context taken in its broad sense, be it the work to be done in an existing building -the rehabilitation of a building- or in a new construction. All the elements that qualify and organize the specificity of a site, its history, its social uses, its topography will be analyzed and assimilated to a field of intensity that will be interpreted as a whole to optimize, for each project, the operation and economy for turn it into a space field.

These limitations are an opportunity to invent and improvise, but also a healthy requirement for the development of the project that somehow downloads the architecture of its self-representation. This design approach evacuates a priori formal or stylistic in the development of the project for the benefit of an investigation on the conditions of space production.

Jean-Marc Pivot - SUD Architectes

SUD Architectes, created in 1986 in Lyon by 7 partners, SUD's offices went international in the 1990s, expanding its activity throughout Central Europe and the Middle East. Offices were gradually established in Warsaw and Paris, and recently in 2017, in Beirut and Shanghai. Over the years, in response to ever more complex projects requiring additional expertise, SUD welcomed new specialists in France and internationally. Today, 20 partners/specialists guarantee the variety and the complexity of various operations along different regions.

Featuring among the group's leading projects in France are the global headquarters of ATARI/Infogrames, the corporate headquarters of the Groupe SEB, and the redevelopment of the historic Citroën garage in Lyon. Internationally, the “Residence des Pins” in Beirut (Lebanon) and Manufaktura in Łódź (Poland). SUD’s urban approach consists to operate with these parameters of density, proximity, and walkable distances to create the “city in the city”, and preserve a social and functional diversity. The sustainable city is willing to alteration. The reversibility and the evolution of the urban concepts offer a continuous change and high potentials of development.

Jean-Marc Pivot is the president and main Partner Architect of the studio.

Emma Blanc - Emma Blanc paysage

Emma Blanc paysage agency was created in 2007, it works as an open workshop in which any collaborator, whether landscape designer, graphic designer, architect, assistant, apprentice, can give his point of view.

They have chosen to work on multiple and multiple themes in collaboration with other designers such as urban planners, architects, environmental artists ... etc., to confront our knowledge with complementary or specific technical skills that enrich us and allow us to meet our different expectations.



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