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Angel Borrego Cubero (Spain, 1967) was trained in architecture, with a PhD from ETSA Madrid and a MArch from Princeton University, where he was a Fulbright scholar but he has been developing an interdisciplinary body of works that deal with issues such as the contemporary urban condition, the negotiations between private and public space, violence, surveillance and fictions in architecture. Using mainly site specific installations, new media and video installations, his work has been exhibited in internationally acclaimed venues such as the Art Fair ARCO, the National Museum of Art Reina Sofia, LABoral etc. In 1999, he founds Office for Strategic Spaces, an art and architecture that leads research projects (Mutant Bridges, Pump Up Housing, Post Tsunami Housing, Urban Space Station), designs projects for exhibition spaces (Casa Asia - Filipiniana, 01SJ - San Jose Biennial California, LABoral Gijón- Feed Forward, National Museum of Art Reina Sofia - Arte e Imagen en Movimiento), housing and social housing projects (House Space Invader, House Murakami, Social Housing in Zaragoza, Orcasitas, Carabanchel) as well as urban planning strategies (Solar Decathlon Madrid, AZCA) and, as many other architects, submits proposals to competitions of architecture. After succeeding in a big international competition, in a process which was akin to a thriller, Angel Borrego Cubero decides to make a documentary of this recurring architectural procedure. During four years, intense work was dedicated to find, document and edit one competition into film format. The Competition is the first movie of this Spanish director and is also the first film documenting the tense developments that characterize architectural contests.


Simon Lund (United States, 1974) with an education in visual arts, is a professional restorer and conservator of audiovisual material. Since 2008 he has been working for the Spanish and the Portuguese Filmotecas. Previoulsy, during 12 years, he led technical operations at Cineric Inc., a US leader company in photochemical and digital cinema restoration. As such, he worked on the restoration of over a 1000 films for the Hollywood studios and other archives such as the Anthology Film Archive in New York and The British Film Institute. As a filmmaker, he authors more than 20 shorts and is currently making his first feature film.




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