Cultural Center - El Musical by Eduardo de Miguel

Cultural Center - El Musical by Eduardo de Miguel
Cultural Center - El Musical by Eduardo de Miguel. Photography © Mariela Apollonio.
Built on top of the ruin of the old Ateneo Musical del Puerto located at the Cabanyal Quarter in Valencia, the Cultural Center proposal is erected. Take a look behind the wall of the old building and discover it by yourself!
Eduardo de Miguel  has been the architect in charge of the construction of a Cultural Centre in Valencia, whose main complicaión was its coexistence with an old building in extreme decay. Through the project, and as you can see from the photographs of Mariela Apollonio, the building manages to keep the facade of ruin and build a space in line with the its entity. An architecture that, without eclipsing the preexistence, stands out for the subtlety with which it merges the environment.

Description of the project by Eduardo de Miguel

The project works over the rests of the old “Ateneo Musical” located in “el Cabanyal”, near the port of Valencia.  The only element which is maintained is the facade that looks towards Rosario Square, in order to preserve the character of the most emblematic urban space of “el Cabanyal”   

The new building is composed of a civic more

Eduardo de Miguel Arbonés
Project.- 1999 Completion.- 2003
3 Rosario Square.
Cabanyal Quarter, Valencia. Spain
Arancha Muñoz Criado, architect, David Z
aragaza Aznar, architect, Pablo Fuertes Pérez, architect and Antonio García Blay, architect
2,900 sqm
Valencia City Hall and Actuaciones Urban
as de Valencia, (AUMSA)


Eduardo de Miguel Arbonés was born in Pamplona in 1959. Architect by the University of Navarra obtaining a Magna cum Laude at his Final Project. He is a PhD Architect from Technical University of Madrid. He enwidens his studies at the Real Academia de España in Rome, at the Centro di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio in Vicenza and at the School of Architecture in Princeton University.

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