Culture under a skylight. Leietheater Deinze Theater by TRANS architectuur I stedenbouw and V+

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Structure.- Ney & partners. Techniques.- studiebureau Boydens. Acoustics.- Daidalos Peutz. Theatre equipment.- Theateradvies.
City of Deinze.
3,500 sqm.
€ 9,250,000.
Starting year.- 2012. Completion date of the works.- August 2019.
Brielstraat 8, 9800 Deinze, Belgium.

Bram Aerts y Carolien Pasmans. TRANS architectuur I stedenbouw

TRANS architectuur I stedenbouw is a Ghent (B) based practice established in 2011. In a short period of time, the office has built up a strong reputation at the forfront of a much acclaimed generation of Flemish design practices.

Major competition wins include the Royal Institute for Theater, Cinema & Sound in Brussels, the Cultural Center Ensemble in Ghent, the mixed use Dockside tower in Brussels and the Leietheater near Ghent that recently opened to the public. Together with Carmody Groarke the office was selected as the winner of the international design competition for the Design Museum Ghent.

TRANS is a group of talented and highly motivated architects and urban planners. The partners, Bram Aerts and Carolien Pasmans, are always closely involved in every project.

Bram and Carolien are committed educators at the Catholic University of Leuven, the University of Antwerp and at the Rotterdamse Academie voor Bouwkunst. They both lecture internationally on architecture and urbanism.

TRANS was shortlisted for the EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2019, laureat for the Architecture Prize Flemish Brabant 2015 and 2017, the Belgian Buildings Awards 2019, the Real Estate Awards 2019, BigMat awards 2019. In 2019 TRANS was also selected as a finalist for the Jo Crepain Awards for most innovative practice in Flanders.

The work of TRANS is published internationally. In 2018, a first monograph on the work of the practice was published by the renowned publishers nai I 010. In 2020, Borgerhoff & Lamberigts and MER Paper Kunsthalle have published ‘As a Theatre’, a book about the Leietheater in Deinze, Belgium, designed by TRANS and V+.

Jörn Aram Bihain y Thierry Decuypere. V + Architects

V + Architects was founded in the context of an investigation of a counterproposal to revalue the junction between the southern and northern stations of Brussels (1998-1999). Our name has its origin in the inaugural motto of the 1954 project "the union of the south / north towards greater well-being" because for us, with such a motto, there is still everything to do.

Principal architects.-

Jörn Aram Bihain (1973, Brussels), graduated in 1996 from the Architectuur Hogeschool Sint Lucas in Brussels, collaborated with Wolfgang Tschapeller and Henke und Schreihek in Vienna, Austria. He has been a professor of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the ULG University (Liège) since 2007.

Thierry Decuypere (1973, Brussels), graduated in 1996 from the Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Victor Horta, worked for three years with Olivier Bastin, Escaut office in Brussels. He has taught since 2003 and has directed a master's workshop in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB (Brussels) since 2007.



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