Dialogue with the alpine landscape. Congress and Exhibition Center by Studio Botter, Studio Bressan

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Studio Botter, Studio Bressan. Lead Architects.- Andrea Botter, Emanuele Bressan, Sandro Botter.
End of Works.- 22/10/2018.
Surface.- 6.400 m² Volume.- 79.000 m³ Dimensions.- 112 m x 57 m x 14 m

Andrea Bressan, Emanuele Bressan Studio Bressan

Studio Bressan fue fundado en 1980 por Gianni Bressan con sede en Montebelluna en la provincia de Treviso. Ha trabajado activamente en el área de planificación urbana, construcción y diseño durante más de treinta años.

El trabajo lo llevan a cabo Andrea y Emanuele Bressan, ambos graduados con honores en 2005 y 2010, respectivamente, en la Universidad de Arquitectura IUAV de Venecia.

Andrea Bressan was born in 1980 in Asolo, in the province of Treviso. After graduating, he collaborated with Professor Giorgio Lombardi and with the architect Trevisan of Asolo and in 2006 he began a professional and cultural path by founding Frammenti, a network of young professionals working in the field of participatory urban planning. Through his professional and cultural activity, he obtains awards in various design competitions, particularly with regard to urban housing issues. At the same time he is a consultant for the public administration of Asolo on urban planning, urban redevelopment, liveability of the historic center and urban furniture.

In 2013 he joined the Duebi Technical Studio, founded by Gianni Bressan, which became Studio Bressan.

Since 2015 specializes in the design and security of large events. He is the designer of the set-up, logistics and security of the AMA FESTIVAL from 2015 to today.
He is a member of the Order of Conservative Landscape Architects of the Province of Treviso at No. 2277 (OAPPC TV) since 2006 and since 2017 he is the coordinator for safety in the construction field.

Emanuele Bressan,  was born in 1985 in Asolo, in the province of Treviso. From August 2017 he collaborates with the Stocker-Lee Studio in Rancate (Ticino, Switzerland) where he has the opportunity to follow important projects located in Switzerland and South Korea.

For over ten years, in parallel with the academic activity, he has been pursuing his personal activity by participating in projects and competitions throughout Europe and collaborating with Italian, Swiss and international studios. Particularly close and fruitful is the collaboration with Studio Botter, together with which, among other things, he designed the multi-purpose center Palaluxottica in Agordo, in the province of Belluno, which he also supervised the works.

He is registered with the Order of Conservative Landscape Architects of the Province of Como at No. 2735 (OAPPC CO) from 2014 and with the Order of Engineers and Architects of the Canton Ticino (OTIA) since 2012.

Andrea Botter Studio Botter

Studio Botter is an architectural firm based in Agordo (Dolomites) founded by Sandro Botter. It develops project in different scales, from the architectural and urban planning to interior desig.



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