Dilute the boundaries to be permeable to the environment. ATO House by iR arquitectura

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Project team
Luciano Intile, Enrico Cavaglià, Fermin Indavere, Esteban Basili, Guillermo Mirochnic, Federica Cascino, Demian Miguel Rached, María Jose Cristofakis.
San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Estudio IR arquitectura

IR arquitectura is a collective construction started in 2008. Composed of architects, designers, and enthusiasts trained in different academic and disciplinary areas. It works as an open, malleable, and symbiotic system; Its multidisciplinary nature allows it to address comprehensive work management at different scales and perspectives.

IR arquitectura uses models in crisis as a driving force, focusing on social, environmental, and economic problems to offer strategies, urban, architectural, and object models pregnant with greater records of energy efficiency in all its dimensions.

The work of IR arquitectura has been awarded in national and international competitions, and highlighted in various printed and digital publications, it has been exhibited at the MARQ (Buenos Aires Museum of Architecture), at the CMD (Metropolitan Design Center), they have given conferences in various areas, among which the AE Meetings - New Ibero-American Generations in 2012, the TEDx Río Limay call in 2013, the PA&S - UFLO Comahue 2015 congress, the CREA7 congress - Rosario 2015, the CLA TIL 2016 congress at the University of Morón, TRImarchi 17 and was selected for the international architecture biennials BIAAR, BA15, BA17, XBIAU, and BAL2019.



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