The Floating Island by OBBA and Dertien12

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Architects Arquitectos
Dertien12, OBBA. Lead Architects.- Sojung Lee& Sangjoon Kwak(OBBA), Tom Gantois(Dertien12)
Collaborators Colaboradores
Structure Engineer.- Byungsoon Park(THEKUJO), Pieter Ochelen(UTIL)
Construction Construcción
Pontoon-Jason Bridging / Steel Part-Westland / Ropes-Helix
Fechas Dates

Sojung Lee, Sangjoon Kwak. OBBA

OBBA. Sojung Lee, Sangjoon Kwak. Sojung Lee studied at Ewha Womans University and the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, she participated in a wide range of projects such as OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) in the Netherlands and Mass Studies in Seoul. She has taught at Seoul National University and Hongik University and currently teaches at Yonsei University.

Sangjoon Kwak is a graduate of Yonsei University of Architectural Engineering. He built his career at YEON Architects and Mass Studies. He is a lecturer in the Department of Architecture at Hongik University.



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