Focus at sunset. House on the air by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

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Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Lead architects.- Fran Silvestre, Estefania Soriano, Carlos Lucas.
Project team Design team
María Masià | Principal in charge, Pablo Camarasa | Collaborating Architect, Ricardo Candela | Collaborating Architect, Sevak Asatrián | Principal in charge, José María Ibañez | Business Developer CCG and Mexico, Jose Manuel Arnao | Collaborating Architect, Andrea Baldo | Collaborating Architect, Paloma Feng | | Collaborating Architect, Javi Herrero | Collaborating Architect, Paco Chinesta | Principal in charge, Gino Brollo | Collaborating Architect , Angelo Brollo | Collaborating Architect , Anna Alfanjarín | Collaborating Architect, Laura Bueno | Collaborating Architect, Toni Cremades | Collaborating Architect , David Cirocchi | Collaborating Architect, MArch Architecture and Design, Gabriela Schinzel | Collaborating Architect, MArch Architecture and Design, Nuria Doménech | Collaborating Architect, Andrea Raga | Collaborating Architect, Olga Martín | Collaborating Architect, Víctor González | Collaborating Architect, MArch Architecture and Design, Pepe Llop | Collaborating Architect, Alberto Bianchi | Collaborating Architect, Lucía Domingo | Collaborating Architect, Alejandro Pascual | Collaborating Architect, Pablo Simò | Collaborating Architect, Ana de Pablo | Financial Manager, Sara Atienza | Marketing and Communication Department, Valeria Fernandini | Financial Department, Sandra Mazcuñán | Management Department, Kateryna Spuziak | Marketing Department, Julián Garcia | Graphic Designer.
Interior design.- Alfaro Hofmann.
Partner studio.- Yunestortolero.
Buinding engineer consultants.- Francisco José Jiménes Jiménes.
Structural engineers.- Estructuras Singulares.
Atlanterra Proyectos.
400 sqm.
Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain.
MEP.- Hitachi (air conditioning), Mecanismos Jung zero (mechanisms), Luminaria lineal led (Lighting, coves in false ceiling).
Finishes.- Porcelanosa (paving, large format porcelain), Porcelanosa (pool), Joan Pedro Sacedón, Paul Neauh (landscape design), Solid Surface Krion, Panelado Madera Lacada, Sika (facing).
Metalwork and Locksmithing.- Custom wood interior carpentry, IMG Windows (exterior, minimalist aluminum carpentry).
Interior furniture.- Custom-made lacquered wooden furniture.
Kitchen.- Porcelanosa, serie Emotions (kitchen and laundry), Sensem (pivot doors).
Fotography.- Fernando Guerra.
Video.- Jesús Orrico.


Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is a studio based in Valencia made up a multidisciplinary group of architects founded in 2005 by architect Fran Silvestre. Fran Silvestre (born 5 July 1976) is a Spanish architect. After having graduated in Architecture at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia in 2001, he specialized in urban planning at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven a year later. Then, he won a scholarship to work at the studio of the Pritzker Prize architect from Portugal, Alvaro Siza, which is located in Oporto, and have ever since undertaken projects in cooperation with him. He is also dedicated to teach as professor at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia since 2006, and the Universidad Europea since 2009.

Influenced by the above mentioned architect, Alvaro Siza, or the sculptor Andreu Alfaro, among others, the studio realizes series of projects that take into account factors such as, modulation, serialization or light. Thus, giving rise to buildings of high purity, using constant innovative materials and technologies. Since its foundation, it has focused on the developement and implementation of small-scale projects, for instance, The Atrium House (2009) or the House at the mountainside of a Castle (2010). It also carries out multidisciplinary work while designing objects like the Alis chair, collaborating with other studios such as Alfaro Hofmann, which is dedicated to interior design.





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