Generous, open, and bright. RZ1248 Building by CMS arquitectas

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CMS arquitectas. Chiatello Diana, Matiasevich Paula y Melina Spinetta arquitectas.
Project team
Project manager.- Architect Mariela Echecury.
Team.- Architect Valeria Mecchia, Architect Victoria Figueroa, Architect Lucrecia Rossi, Architect Camila Barrera, David Pippa, Camila Cividini.
Development.- CMS architects and Pelle & Asociados.
Trust Administration.- Pelle & Asociados.
Calculation and conduction of structural work.- Graphstudio Argentina, Engineering Division.
Landscaping.- Architect Claudia León.
Sanitary installation.- Mario Ibarra.
Electricity.- Martín and Diego Roldán.
PH constructora SRL.
2,795 sqm.
Years of construction.- 2019-2023.
Rodríguez Nº1248, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Furniture.- Benign Design.
Aluminum Openings.- The Openings Factory.
Sanitary.- Accesaniga.
Armored entrance doors.- Richmond.
Floors and coverings.- Balcarce 54.
Blacksmithing.- Fiore // Carmet // Integral Blacksmithing.
Wooden floors and wpc deck.- Nuñez Pisos.
Pool.- Igui.
Marbles.- Brown.
Air conditioning.- Cormay.
Generator group.- AerCom.
Elevators.- Rosini.
Automation.- Szpiga.
Wooden doors.- Ral Design.
Security doors.- Richmond.
Access control.- Jalp Security.
Interlocked floor.- RSR.
Glass.- SIV (Integral Glass Service).
Painting.- Ricardo Toloza.
Ramiro Sosa.

Diana Chiatello, Paula Matiasevich, Melina Spinetta. CMS arquitectas

CMS arquitectas is an architecture studio made up of three women, architects and friends, Diana Chiatello, Paula Matiasevich, and Melina Spinetta, architects from the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design of the National University of Rosario between 2001 and 2002.

After several years of their work, both in Rosario and in other locations and abroad, since 2007 they have formed the “CMS arquitectas” studio. With a name that bears the initials of each one and that refers to the centimeters of the measurement used in the projects, it is defined by a friendly architecture; that it is beautiful because it invites you to live it; who falls in love because she is guided by desire and passions.

The studio's work is of two types: those that come through clients, generally single-family homes and offices; and the “self-managed” ones, which are the apartment buildings in horizontal property through the trust modality at cost.

In the case of the latter, «CMS arquitectas» works in partnership with the accounting-tax firm «Pelle & associates» which is in charge of the administration of the trust. The spectrum of action is very broad and covers all stages, from the selection and purchase of the land to the completion and delivery of the finished apartments. Including the search for investors, preliminary project design, marketing, executive file, construction management, going through calculations and budgets, hiring, purchase of materials, finishing with interior design, and marketing of finished units.

«Architecture, in addition to being our job, is our passion; since although we deal with solving problems with dedication and effort, there is a lot of enjoyment in each one. We try to give the best possible response to each order with the means available. We consider architecture as a real and honest teamwork, between clients, bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters, painters, architects, and the list goes on... as broad as the work is complex. Good treatment and respect always govern all relationships. Each participant in this team is treated as another with different knowledge that contributes to the overall contribution, achieving the necessary balance to reach a successful conclusion.
Diana, Paula and Melina.



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