Himlavalvet, a bridge to touch the sky and merge with nature, by Entropic

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Entropic. Architects.- Geoffrey Eberle, Magdalena Mroz.
Engineers.- Degree of Freedom: Gaute Mo, Fernando Ibáñez, Diego Velayos.
Ängelholms kommune.
80m long.
Ängelholm, Sweden.

Magdalena Mróz, Geoffrey Eberle. Entropic

Entropic is architecture firm based in Barcelona, Spain, estableshed by Geoffrey Eberle and Magdalena Mróz archtiects. Entropic is committed towards re-imaging the built environment, in urbanism and architecture with a focus towards liability, contemporary challenges, and architectural innovation. Their multi-disciplinary team consists of Architects, Urbanists and Engineers. Their Barcelona Studio works with both the local and global market, with experience largely in North Europe, South Europe, and the Middle East.

Magdalena Mróz is a Polish born Architect, and co-founder of Entropic. Magda has led numerous projects in a range of scales, from small interventions, through high-rise to city planning, in architecture companies, Bjarke Ingels Group and Barcode Architects, for over 5 years. With a MSc, an engineering degree, in Architecture and Urban Design in Cracow University of Technology and education in Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Jagiellonian University, Magdalena's work follows contextual and inclusive design.

Studying and living in places like Cracow, Barcelona and Copenhagen influenced her focus on the human scale, with an analytical approach towards socio-cultural context. Through her years of experience, Magdalena has found, that intelligently designed interventions, regardless of scale, when strategically utilized can have a radical impact on the way we interact and experience our environment. Often driving her philosophical output, are nature-based solutions, perceiving nature as an ultimate technology which has the power to adapt, optimize and sustain in any given scenario. Learning from how our digital world too has born new paradigms in user interface, Magda takes a large part of her inspiration, to influence how she designs real life objects. Her drive is towards projects which create a natural sense of intuition, which stimulate playful response, and which encourage a joyful interaction. In essence, Magda seeks to create projects which humans innately love.

Geoffrey Eberle is a British born Architect and Co-founder of Entropic. Since 2013 he has worked in Copenhagen, Barcelona and the UK on a range of ambitious global projects on both the urban, architectural and landscape scale. He led a number of high profile projects in Bjarke Ingels Group for over 5 years, and founded the Rotterdam based, Studio Bold, winning a number of projects in the international market. His approach towards architecture has largely been influenced in the fields of urbanism and robotic fabrication in his education from both the UK and Netherlands, with a prerogative to solving contemporary issues ranging from environmentalism, urban quality and architectural innovation. Geoffrey’s focus is towards the opportunities unlocked through technology and innovation..

Geoffrey fundamentally believes that our lived experiences derive largely from our environment, both in how we operate as individuals, but also in what gives our lives value. In this conception, the role of architects is to reimagine the world in the closest approximation, to our social values, to our individual desires and to the relationship with our natural world. This requires a constant re-evaluation off the presuppositions our world is built upon, and benchmarking against the emergent contemporary social challenges our world faces.



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