The historical and the contemporary: interactions and dialogues. Castilla 55 by Javier Haro Greppi

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Javier Haro Greppi.
Project team
Javier González Guerrero. Cristina Pérez Maraver. Jesus Triviño Ruiz. María Fernández Naranjo. Karmele Diérez Holgado. Technical architect.- Javier Villa Barbacid. Structural calculation.- Fernando Tarriño León. Facilities.- Singek.
Clan Galydea.
Promoter.- Castilla 55 Andalusian Cooperative Society. Management.- Gaesa Cooperativa.
October 2017 > August 2020.
Calle Castilla 55. Sevile. Spain.

Javier Haro Greppi

Javier Haro Greppi (Seville, 1971) is an architect who graduated from the ETSA Seville in 1999.

In addition to his own architecture office, Haro Greppi has partnered since 2010 with his colleague Michel Campioni, whom he met when they were constructing a building by Benedetta Tagliabue in the city of Seville. Their collaboration took the name of Archirevolution, a multidisciplinary design, calculation and construction team based in Mallorca and Seville.

He has also collaborated with Ignacio Villa Barbacid under the name of Haro Architects, with whom he carried out a small reform in the sacristy of the Sagrario of the Cathedral of Seville, completed in 2017.

He has also collaborated, on many projects, with the photographer Fernando Alda.



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