Hybrid typology and light. 39 homes and common areas in Cantalares by Sancho - Madridejos

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Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office. J.C. Sancho Osinaga, Sol Madridejos, Ana Vinagre. Responsible for construction management.- Gerardo Martín.
Design team
Anja Lunge, Mafalda Ambrosio, Elena Castro, Enrique Tazon, Carlos Seco, Esther Jimenez, Loic Brunsard, Herve Lot, Lourdes Cardenas, Manuel Lagarto, Felix Bellido, Gabriel Bonis, Peio Erroteta, Victor Alonso.
Construction management.- Luis García Anero - Laboratorio de Arquitectura Moderna. Structures.- PONDIO S.L. / BERNABEU INGENIEROS, S.L. Installations.- R.URCULO INGENIEROS CONSULTORES, S.A.
Client / Developer
Altamira Santander Real Estate, S.A. + D.G. Asfaltos S.A.
Sorkia Mediterraneo S.L.
Cantalares Urbanization, Murcia, Spain.
Sancho-Madridejos.- Juan Carlos Sancho. Imagen Subliminal.- Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero.


In 1982 Juan Carlos Sancho and Sol Madriejos founded the Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Studio, of which they are still working together. They develop their professional activity in the field of Architecture and Urbanism and carry out different types of work in Singular Buildings for Public Use, Urban Projects, and Residential Buildings both in Spain and in various countries.

Juan Carlos Sancho, Doctor in Architecture by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (E.T.S.A.M) where he is currently a Professor of Architectural Projects. 

Sol Madriejos, Architect by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, has been a professor of projects at various Universities.

They have taught Courses, Masters, Conferences, and Master Classes in numerous Universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Perú, Universidad de Los Andes de Bogotá, OTIS College of Art and Design de Los Angeles, Architectural Association of London, College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University in Shanghai, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Their studio is characterized by the quality of the design and the high development of the projects carried out, the result of close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals with extensive experience, who allow the execution of each project from the beginning of the project to the achievement of the work, adapting to the specific needs of each client. This effort has been rewarded with winning competitions, prizes, and recognition of quality, both in Spain and internationally, which endorse their work.

Their work has been disseminated nationally and internationally, published in more than two hundred books and publications.

Their work has been exhibited, among others, at Petit Palais in Paris, Venice Architecture Biennials, Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA), National Building Museum in Washington, Urban Planning Exhibition Center in Shanghai (SUPEC), RIBA in London.



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