Inner paradise rooted in memory. Patio for Elena by Atelier Atlántico

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Atelier Atlántico. Lead architects.- Mario Galiana Liras, German Muller.
427 sqm.
Bañares, La Rioja, Spain.

Germán Müller Calace, Mario Galiana Liras. Atelier Atlántico

Atelier Atlántico is an architecture workshop located in Logroño and Santa Fe founded in 2017 by Germán Müller Calace and Mario Galiana Liras. It is defined as an architecture studio with two polar opposite cultural roots separated by an ocean. As such, the workspace is understood as a workshop where simple architectural answers to complex problems are sought.

It is a workshop dedicated to the design, theoretical and teaching practice of architecture, understanding this as a place where ideas are built and materialized through a non-linear work process that interweaves the three worlds seeking to return to the elementary architectural foundations. It uses the history and imagination of the material as a formal construct using simple geometries, which seek order in the structural serie of elements that define the space through the material itself and its rules.

The practice seeks a concrete answer in the memory of each location, place or space, investigating their cultural, material and historical vestiges, for the definition of specific objects and understanding architecture as a response to the cultural, social and economic reality of the moment. The projects reduce architecture to what is expressly essential, seeking materially clear and honest structures. In this way, a response is found to the projects proposed through the use of current craftsmanship, exploring the specific constructive knowledge that surrounds it.

Germán Müller Calace. Architect from the FADU of the Universidad de Nacional del Litoral (2010). Master in Architectural Design from the ETSA of the University of Navarra (2016), which he accessed after winning the FAPYD Rosario Scholarship in 2015.

Since 2021 he has participated as Head of Practical Work in TPA 1 and 2 Mendiondo professorship “Horizontal Workshop” of the FADU-UNL.

He worked in the Secretary of Architectural Works of the Municipality of Santa Fe in the development of projects and public works that have received national and international awards (2011-2019). He served as Executive Coordinator of Urban Heritage for the City of Santa Fe (2020-2022).

He has been part of DLS arquitectos as a founding partner (2010-2016). He has collaborated in studio MADe (2015-2017). He has won several awards and mentions in national and international competitions.

Mario Galiana Liras. Graduated Architect at the ETSA University of La Coruña (2012), where he was graduated with distinctions in his final Project degree, and with the special award University of La Coruña. Postgraduate degree in Advanced architectural design by the ETSA University of Navarre (2016). PhD in architecture, with a thesis titled ¨Matter strategies. The architecture of Material imagination¨(2020), ETSA UNAV. Special Award PhD in Applied Creativity on the ETSA UNAV.

Since 2016 he has been teacher assistant in Composition Elements and architecture studios I and II. In 2020 he began as a lecturer in architecture studios III and IV at the ETSA of the University of Navarre. At the same time, he has been the founder together with Víctor Larripa of the 20 UNDER 40 conference series. He is currently in charge of the conference cycles in the ETSA of the University of Navarre.

He has worked with Carlos Pita arquitectos, with studio MADe in India (partner 2015-2017) and Emilio Tuñon Arquitectos. He has won several awards and prizes in national and international competitions.



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