Designing with two premises. Residential building of 57 houses by Javier de las Heras Solé

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Project team
Architect.- Salvador Bou Gracia.
Architect.- Mercedes Sánchez Hernández.
Technical architect.- Gerard Codina Mas.
Technical architect, execution management.- Joan Palou Cantallops.
Structure.- Eskubi-Turró arquitectes slp.
Transfer of the Autonomous Community to IBAVI.
Total area.- 4.770 m².
Garden area.- 2.962 m².
Competition.- 2009.
Beggining.- 2020.
Ending.- 2023.
Cuba street 7 Es Molinar, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.
€ 6,305,325.23.

Javier de las Heras Solé

Javier de las Heras Solé is an architect who lives and works in Barcelona.

Javier de las Heras Solé obtains the title of Architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Vallés.

He has been awarded in numerous public competitions, among which the Nuevo Teatro de Llodio, the Musika Eskola in Amorebieta, the new Office of Arquia Banca -Caja de Arquitectos- in Girona, the Museum of the Forest in Sant Celoni, a Day Center and 57 sheltered homes for the elderly in Es Molinar -Palma de Mallorca-, the Extension of the Headquarters of the CoAC College of Architects of Tarragona, the project for the construction of a Media Library in Mataró, the expansion and reform of the IES Cap Norfeu in Roses and the rehabilitation, adaptation, and expansion of the Buenavista bullring in Oviedo.

The work for the expansion of the IES Cap Norfeu in Roses has been selected in the 2013 Fad Awards, a finalist for the 2012 “comarques gironines” awards and has participated in the Vogadors Pavilion of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands at the 2012 Venice Biennale.

The work of the new Arquia Banca Office in Girona has been a finalist for the 2016 “comarques gironines” awards, selected for the Catalonia Construction Awards.

Currently, in the development and construction management phase of the Nuevo Teatro de Llodio and the 57 homes and Day Center in Palma de Mallorca.



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