KL AIR, consisting of KAAN Architecten, Estudio Lamela to design the new Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Terminal

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KL AIR (KAAN Architecten, ESTUDIO LAMELA Arquitectos, ABT and INECO)
Design team
José Alberto Sánchez, Andreas Alevras, Paul Beck, Paul van Bergen, Miguel de Bernardo Atienza, Roberto Calonge, Maicol Cardelli, Alice Colombo, Jana Culek, Sebastian van Damme, Marta Dyjaczynska, Paolo Faleschini, Di Fang, Ernesto de la Fuente, María García, Jesper Goorden, Jesus Hernandez, José Julián Horcajo, Cristina Jurado López, Kees Kaan, Carlos Lamela, Carlos Lobato, Rodrigo López Agudo, Arnout Meijer, Endri Metaj, Hana Mohar, Alberto Ortiz Quevedo, Vincent Panhuysen, Marco van der Ploeg, Julio Resino, Dikkie Scipio, Roberto Serrano, Christian Sluijmer, Hrvoje Smidihen, Walter Spangenberg, Johan Steenvoorden, Claudia Vermeulen, Mieke Vink, Jaap Wiedenhoff
SNBV (Schiphol Nederland B.V.)
Design.- 2017. Start construction.- 2020. Completion.- 2023
Capacity.- approx. 14 mln. passengers Gross floor area.- 100,500 m²

Kees Kaan. KAAN Architecten

KAAN Architecten is a Rotterdam based architectural firm operating in a global context and merging practical and academic expertise within the fields of architecture, urbanism and research on the built environment. The studio, led by Kees Kaan, Vincent Panhuysen and Dikkie Scipio, consists of an international team of architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers and graphic designers. KAAN Architecten believes in cross-pollination between projects and disciplines as an essential tool to fostering a critical debate within the studio.

Since the launch of the firm, KAAN Architecten has handled and supervised a wide range of projects, actively working with the private and the public sector, with project teams that become increasingly multidisciplinary and dynamic. KAAN Architecten maintains a culture of constant evolution, which is essential in a profession that changes at a rapid pace. KAAN Architecten seeks to uphold long-term relationships with its clients, consultants and partners.

KAAN Architecten’s projects transcend the traditional notion of scale and typology, ranging from furniture and interiors to urban development and from retail and offices to museums and buildings for health and education.

Selection of completed projects:

2017, B30 – Bezuidenhoutseweg 30, The Hague (NL)!
2016, De Bank – new KAAN Architecten’s office, Rotterdam (NL)
2016, Supreme Court of the Netherlands, The Hague (NL)!
2015, Provinciehuis of North-Brabant, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
2013, Dreamhouse, Rotterdam (NL)!
2013, Education Center Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (NL)!
2010, District Water Board Brabantse Delta, Breda (NL)
!2008, Crematorium Heimolen, Sint Niklaas (BE)!
2004, Netherlands Forensic Institute, The Hague

KAAN Architecten ©Casper Rila


Estudio Lamela is a Spanish architecture company founded by Antonio Lamela and currently led by his son Carlos Lamela. Besides its headquarters in Madrid, the firm has offices in Poland, Mexico and Doha. With almost 60 years of experience since its foundation in 1954, the company has developed more than 1.600 projects in 32 countries.

In the early 60s the company started to work in the then emerging tourist architecture, in particular in the south of Spain and the Balearic islands. During these years, the company also developed the famous Colon Towers, a complex composed of two towers strung with a novel technique in the emblematic Plaza de Colón in Madrid.

In the 80s and 90s, the studio diversified its work, becoming one of the most active firms of Spain. In 1984, Carlos Lamela joined the company. This period included the refurbishment of the Santiago Bernabeu football Stadium for Real Madrid, and from then on the company began to specialize in sport projects. During the 90s, the firm was awarded with the important project of the New Terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas Airport, in collaboration with Richard Rogers Partnership, Initec and TPS. Another important project was the ‘Ciudad de las Comunicaciones’ headquarters of Telefonica.



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