Luis Peña Ganchegui: The Architect as Place

Luis Peña Ganchegui: The Architect as Place
PhD thesis by Mario Sangalli Uggeri
Front cover of 'Luis Peña Ganchegui: the Architect as Place' by Mario Sangalli.
The doctoral thesis 'Luis Peña Ganchegui: The Architect as place' analyzes the work of the renowned Basque architect through one of its most celebrated vectors: the construction of the place.
In this monograph the author, Mario Sangalli Uggeri, collects the keys that allow to unveil the work of Luis Peña Ganchegui from a novel perspective. The thesis, read in the ETSA San Sebastian in 2013 and edited in 2015 by the COAVN Delegación de guipuzkoa, does not think so much in making a critical journey throughout his career, but rather to expose how his life converges with his work to discover the Reasons that led him to make decisions about the projects. A line of research that perfectly fits Luis Peña Ganchegui's ley motiv: The project as thesis, under which he channeled his teaching activity and which used as an argument for his professional research. An attitude that placed him in syntony with the paradigm with which modernity conceived the creator, a subject who forges his own identity combining life and work.

For Luis Peña Ganchegui (Oñati, 1926 - Donostia, 2009), the work of Architecture consisted precisely in turning the sites into places, taking the sense of site as 'non-particularised space' and that of place as ' more
Mario Sangalli Uggeri
First Edition
December 2015
País Vasco University [Euskal Herriko Un
Soft cover


Luis Peña Gantxegi (Oñati, Guipúzcoa, 29 March 1926 - San Sebastián, 2 April 2009) was a Spanish architect. He is considered one of the first to introduce contemporary architecture to Spain.

He studied architecture at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, graduating in 1959. He began teaching in the same year, first in Barcelona and then in San Sebastian, more