Making city. Mercado do Bolhão renovation by Nuno Valentim

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Nuno Valentim, Arquitectura, Lda.. Architects.- Nuno Valentim, Rita Machado Lima with Margarida Carvalho, Frederico Eça, Juliano Ribas, Luís Mendonça (designer).
Project team
Maria Ana Sousa Coutinho, Margarida Ramos, Pedro Lima da Costa, Nuno Borges, Filipa Ferreira, Francisca Lopes, Julia Zak, Otília Ayres Pereira, Ricardo Murca, Carolina Manarte, Ailton Correia, Elsa Pinto, Sara Noronha, Alexandra Gouveia Santos.
Engineering.- JCT (Structures, Hydraulics, Air Conditioning, Gas, SCI), Gatengel (Electrical Installations, Telecommunications, GTC, Electromechanics), GM (Cold). Consultancy.- Prof. Vasco Peixoto de Freitas (Hygrothermal), Prof. Aníbal Costa (Structures), António Vasques (Conservation and Restoration).
Brand and signs.- Eduardo Aires.
GO Porto, Gestão e Obras do Porto EM.
22,142 sqm.
Original construction.- 1914-1920.
Renovation project.- 2014-2017 .
Renovation.- 2018, completed in 2022.
Rua Formosa, 322. Porto, Portugal.
Marta Maria Ferreira / Luís Ferreira Alves. Guilherme-Costa.

Nuno Valentim. Nuno Valentim, Arquitectura e Reabilitação

Nuno Valentim, Arquitectura e Reabilitação is an architecture studio founded in 1997 in Porto. It has more than 150 projects of different scales, programs, and frameworks.

Of note are the Rehabilitation of Casa Andresen/Biodiversity Gallery and Casa Salabert in the Porto Botanical Garden, the expansion of the Lycée Français in Porto, and the Bolhão Market Rehabilitation/Modernization project.

His work is focused on the reality in which he acts, physical and human, where architecture is understood as a synthesis activity between the program and the context, and the architect is recognized as an author and fundamental actor in the response to social needs, environmental, and landscape.

Nuno Valentim (Porto, 1971), Architect (1995), and Ph.D. (2016) from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. Master's Degree in Rehabilitation of Built Heritage (2006) from the Faculty of Engineering of the UP. He was a fellow at IUAVenezia (Italy) and TU-Delft (Holland).

He collaborated with João A. Rocha (1991), Luísa Penha (1994), and José Gigante (1995/2004).

He has been practicing with his own studio since 1994 and has won several awards, congresses, and works exhibited and published nationally and internationally. He has been a FAUP professor since 2005.



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