Materiality and contrast. Viva housing co-operative by Malmström Edström Arkitekter Ingenjörer

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Authors.- Andreas Norrman, Christer Malmström. Architects.- Mattias Gunneflo, Robert Grandin, Anna Katarina Bauder, Marcus Sjögren, Jesper Birch, Faheem Khan 02 Landskap: Sabina Richter, Ulrika Gunnman, Johanna Zetterlund.
Total area.- 7400 sqm. Usable floor area.- 13000 sqm.
Gothenburg, Sweden.

Christer Malmström, Andreas Norrman. Malmström Edström Arkitekter Ingenjörer

Malmström Edström Arkitekter Ingenjörer is a recognised architecture office that has worked with a variety of private and public commissions since the start in 1989. Today the team consists of 10 employees and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The office has vast experience within residential building and works continuously with developing modern housing in new projects.

Malmström Edström demonstrates an interest in architecture that is characterized by the specific and unique in each situation and program, as well as an aim for a high level of care, comprehensive view and sustainability in all their projects.

Christer Malmström was born in 1954 in Helsingborg, Sweden and graduated as an architect at the School of Architecture, Lund University in 1979. During the 80s he worked as a practising architect in Rome, Italy, during which period he was a member of the permanent staff of ILA&UD (directed by Prof. Giancarlo de Carlo). With the move back to Sweden followed the start up of the office that later became Malmström Edström which is still ongoing. As responsible architect he has won several prizes and awards, amongst them the most celebrated in Sweden the Kasper Salin Prize (2004 and 2019). Christer has been professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (1997-2007) and is since 2009 professor at the School of Architecture at Lund University. 

Andreas Norrman was born in 1974 and graduated as both constructional engineer (1996) and architect (2003) from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. During the studies he started working at Christer Malmström Arkitektkontor in Gothenburg that later became Malmström Edström Arkitekter Ingenjörer. Andreas has since his years of studies continued his involvement in the Architecture program at Chalmers University of Technology. The connection between academia and practice has in recent years further developed through the office's residential projects and research projects at Chalmers which Andreas has been part of. Since 2019 Andreas co-owns and operates as CEO at Malmström Edström.



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