27 collective housing for Bouygues Real Estate by Atelier Maxime Schmitt Architecte

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Structure Engineer.- Serba. Economist.- Naonec. Fluids Engineer.- Enercia. Site Pilot.- Linkibat.
Bouygues Atlantique Real Estate.
1500 sqm of floor area, 1385 sqm of living space area, 250 sqm of winter gardens, 180 sqm of shops.
3.340k € value including demolition and special foundations.
Competition February 2016 - delivered December 2019.
5 rue Léon Bureau, Île de Nantes, 44000 Nantes, France.

Maxime Schmitt. Atelier Maxime Schmitt Architecte

Constituted around different experiences relating to architectural and urban practice and analysis, Atelier Maxime Schmitt Architecte, has developed its activity from a reflection and a committed practice next to urban issues current.

Their attention and their work are marked by a particular attachment to housing issues and public facilities. This commitment goes through a deep conviction that a virtuous architecture, federating urban and social links is possible and necessary.

The work of Atelier Maxime Schmitt Architecte is positioned at the urban scale towards an integration of the project into the site, in the perspective of the present elements: local urban typologies, neighboring built forms , traditional materials, secular know-how. By a contextually adapted contemporary rewriting and a work of right measure carried to the built scales, the freshly designed buildings and the old framework enter into resonance and reciprocally enhance each other. The city merges with contemporary, assertive architecture.



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